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My solve: this one is (possibly) painful!

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  • My solve: this one is (possibly) painful!

    Well, had I heard about this Thursday night instead of last night I very well may have been racing the finder this morning as I'm rather certain I know where it was and was planning on leaving very early Sunday morning for a BOTG beginning at sunrise. But for fun, before it gets announced, my final location was: 30 paces 10-15 degrees north of the 1952 geodetic benchmark on Carlton Peak near Tofte, Minn. That benchmark is located at 473500.84 N 905136.19 W

    If correct, I was right on it from just the story and poem itself within about 90 seconds and from there about an hour of work online had me confident enough that I was going to take off at about 2am Sunday to be there for sun-up and the 1.7-2 mile hike.

    But anyway, here's what I had:

    - For starters, I listened to his announcement on the live stream while driving and just straight up hedged it would be in Minnesota, and if that was the case figured it would be in the Iron Range or along the North Shore. One look at the story and the anagram of Gitchegumme (or one of its many variants, whatever the exact letters were) had me convinced of the North Shore, and from there a look at the poem had me close. Geologic and fire tower maps helped me confirm. I'm missing at least two clues in the poem but don't think I needed them considering the rest, but here's what I figured:

    The great king points to the way
    One of them I'm not quite sure of but suspect it refers to something in Duluth, Minn., possibly the Leif Erikson statue that's in Leif Erikson Park

    Where one road ends a new begins
    The end of I-35 and beginning of Hwy 61 in northern end of Duluth

    Travel through the colored creek
    Go through Silver Creek Cliff Tunnel on Hwy 61, north of Two Harbors

    and continue on towards the bay
    Keep going north as Silver Bay and Beaver Bay lie ahead, as do a bunch of others. Either way, keep going on Hwy 61.

    Head towards danger along your quest
    Keep going toward Castle Danger, also which lies north of the tunnel on Hwy 61

    A fish of blue and a turn to set
    The other line I'm not sure of but likely refers to a sign along the way I just can't place from memory or possibly Bluefin Bay in Tofte, Minn. on Hwy 61. Turn here...

    From here a saw will take you there
    ...and turn onto Hwy 2, which is known as the Sawbill Trail which also takes you into the teeth of the Sawtooth Range

    Your creek soon crossed, a bright spot to rest.
    Britton Peak Trailhead and/or the creek you cross very near the beginning of the hike

    A trail narrows through wooded path
    Accurately describes that trail from that trailhead

    The climb is worth the great reward
    Trail does then ascend toward the summit which offers one of the better views on the North Shore

    Don't forget to switch without error
    It's the Superior Hiking Trail but you need to pull a tight switchback to the right on your way up to pick up the spur trail to the summit

    A lookout once was of fiery wrath
    The footings of an old fire tower still remain on the summit

    Quickly down two blazes lie within
    There are (likely) two geodetic markers up there. I've seen one of them for sure when I hiked this last October.

    Only one will guide you with certain degree
    The final hint: the 1952 geodetic marker near the base of the old fire tower

    Thirty short paces a magic box awaits
    30 short paces at the direction indicated on the final hint, so 10-15 degrees north of the marker

    A rocky grave of a tale once forgotten
    Hiding spot which I assume would have been reasonably apparent once near it. If not, should be in a small enough area one could brute force it from here.

    Congrats the finder, but damn, this one will hurt a bit if I was indeed correct as I lucked out and (I think) it was in an area I just happened to know extremely well. We'll find out soon enough but wanted to post my solve prior just to see if it turns out to be right. Congrats again to the finder, and thanks to Dan for putting this thing out there, wherever it turns out it may have been!
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    Wow. You had it nailed. I can’t believe someone beat you to it!