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    They made many clocks of this style. They were very popular. The one in your picture was probably made in America. The builder did not know Roman numerals, so it was most likely an American builder. This is just my quick observation without doing any research. I could be wrong. The Artwork gives me the impression of European design. New Orleans has a rich history of diverse influence. I think a more western theme would come into play for St. Louis artwork. The Arch is important, but what is the city known for? Culture of the location is expressed in the Art.


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      Originally posted by Dezxman17 View Post
      I will say nobody has done a better job at trying to convince me that it is not New Orleans. What about Preservation? Does this term match any clues there? Preservation Hall is well known in New Orleans. This clue is very important.
      There is a "Preservation Park" in St. Louis (though it's about 10 miles west of Forest Park):

      Some similarity between the double arching "keyhole" shape of the sign and the corresponding shape in the illustration's clock:

      Click image for larger version

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      Click image for larger version

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        Interesting. I wonder how long that stone structure has been there? I like these type of rabbit holes. The ones that can create a totally different thought process. I try to use deductive reasoning to reduce the amount of time spent in the hole. Check and see when the sign was built, this design is classic and used quite often.