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What happens when FF Passes

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  • What happens when FF Passes

    What happens when FF passes away? What do you expect to happen to this treasure hunt?

    The treasure will still be out there but I suspect several things.

    At first there will be that the vultures will come out with all of their knowledge , secret emails, secret information, what FF told them, some will be doctored though I guess most will not. There will be no way of knowing what is correct or not and what all the context of these things. I suspect a few new books from searchers about their secrets. All of it will be ridiculous .

    I am split between if someone will take over even unofficially. Maybe a relative maybe just a lawyer though someone needs to. If FF has not done this - an informal person will try to become that person to manage his story into the future and many will follow that person. I think he has thought of everything but may not have really understood how important this is to our society and driving of the story in the search to see how this plays out. I do suspect a majority of searches will continue on but very few. Fortunately I do think many will put out there research and solves as they go.

    When he dies the scum will come out and that typically is what people will remember most in the future if there is not a plan. This treasure hunt has already brought that out so it will heighten signficantly but only for a small flurry of time.

    It will become a legend to most within 5 years of his death. The part I am unclear on or just can't put my thoughts consistently on is what will the lengend be 1000 years from now?