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Just another crazy ebayer claiming to solve the poem!

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  • Just another crazy ebayer claiming to solve the poem!

    Is some crazy person actually gonna buy this!?
    ..and I thought I was a 7%er when I said “I found it”!!
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    Good stuff, solid A on entertainment; I hope they raise enough for their trips. At $580 for a photocopy page (plus a sandwich and I dunno what else), I’m no where close to flush.

    “Will come shipped with an olive jar and a piece of hair (if requested)” <———


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      They may be crazy but looks like a good cause and maybe i'm crazier but it does have it's merits.


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        " . . . (illegible) is the phantom and first-time writer behind Title to the Gold . . . "
        (from one of the images on ebay.)

        So, the blaze is in Wisconsin, according to one of the drawings. That puts it west of a 'big lake', if you look at a U.S. map.

        "To decrypt the poem Andrew used a special keyword to reveal a secret message telling a Searcher to follow these directions : 'go west past a big lake, mirror the road you're on and look, heading west, for a grey sign'. "
        " It will be discovered by someone who has read the clues successfully." ff


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          Has anyone read the description updates??


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            The Thrill of Wisconsin. Sounds a little cheesy. Plus, why do people even bid on this?


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              I emailed the seller about the listing and he said the book is getting some interest, as well as laughs. He said he might not finish the book until he reaches 80 if he is lucky. Holy cow!! I wonder why??This will be the only one sold until it’s published. The remaining 4 copies are going to Forrest and fam.
              he also replied “if you think this is funny just you wait and see what I have in store in the next week or so!! This one will be treading water more lightly.. kinda. I’d put it on eBay tomorrow but work, house projects, and stuff are getting in the way. The wife does where big clompers!”. That sounds like my wife. Oh shoot I mean. Ok so I’ll just let it out there I’m in to women. Anyways this guy plans to send a copy of whatever that is to fenns family as well. Why? I would take the money and run at the prices he is getting. Jk