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    Originally posted by Harry View Post

    Forrest suggested that Jason and Sacha discuss "the one good clue that searchers could think of themselves but haven’t."

    I don't think he was saying that a good clue "had not yet been found," though that might very well be true.

    I raised this point a few weeks ago, but it got no traction: Which of the nine clues are "good" clues? Forrest was telling us that we can "think of" at least one of them ourselves. (Or maybe he was telling us that there are multiple "good" clues and that searchers have thought of all of them out except for one. I think this is much less likely.)

    I took Forrest's message to mean we can figure out one "good" clue not via TTOTC or BOTG or anything else, but just by thinking. If my solution is correct, one clue works pretty well. It came to me when I was just thinking about words and possibilities.

    Another implication: There are other "good" clues that we cannot just think of ourselves (we have to see them or otherwise find them). How many are there? And what distinguishes these "good" clues from the other clues?

    Personally, I think three of the clues are particularly "good," because figuring out each of them makes at least one subsequent clue much easier to figure out. . . .
    The "good clue" is HOB. I believe at that time nobody had solved it. Then again the preamble hadn't been solved either. Forrest did say he was happy that he could die knowing his poem said what he wanted it to say. That tells me that the most important parts had been solved by then.


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      I would like to try it sometime I bet its good " If you know where the treasure is ...You should go get it."