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Hypothetical question: would you.....

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  • Hypothetical question: would you.....

    be upset if the person who finds the chest wasn’t even a searcher? Someone whom put zero minutes into a solve, didn’t even know whom Forrest Fenn was, and had no idea about the chase?! What if they found it, read the autobiography and didn’t even tell Forrest he/she found it? This question is for anyone and everyone!

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    Sure I would.
    I don't think it's possible, FF said that no one would stumble upon it.
    If it did happen, I'd be pretty upset because that would mean it wasn't hidden as well as I expect from a great treasure hunt.

    I mean, it can't be like...
    AKA: Buckeye Bob


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      If they found it and didn’t let him know? What if more people die?! What if you spend thousands of dollars to look for something that is no longer there?!