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    The Texas vara, = 33¹⁄₃ inches

    When settlers from the United States began to colonize Texas in the early 19th century, they brought their own surveyors, whose experience was with a somewhat different surveying technology using English customary units. These surveyors used surveyors’ chains 10 varas long, consisting of 50 links (very similar to an English two-pole chain).

    The Texas vara was legally set at 33¹⁄₃ inches in Article 5730, Acts of 1919 (revised 1925), effective June 17, 1919.

    Check my math. 66,000 links is 6.94375 miles.

    I post this to stir the pot and get people out of my area

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      Surveyor talk, his distance hint kept the crazy’s from digging up his yard. The real hint is it’s connection to those topo maps. If you never visited the offices of the USGS in the 70’s then you missed the hint.


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        Here is a "great" country music song.


        I think it might be a hint;
        actually I think it's mocking country music; maybe one song in particular...
        ; my apologies to country music fans;
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          But Forrest has said 8.25 miles over the years too.
          “Positivity triumphs over negativity” - famous quote by the famous Cowlazars 2018


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            Originally posted by kpro View Post
            But Forrest has said 8.25 miles over the years too.
            more than 8.25...

            80 is more than 8.25
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