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  • Thread about Fenn Merchandise

    There was a previous thread about Fenn merchandise and why I deleted the thread, I did not, the OP did. I post my response here Earlier today: .

    Correction - Copper coins are at $200 and sold 4 just this week.

    My two cents:
    Books - sell cheaper than on ebay and ship next day. Many wait weeks if not months for the book(s). So a little over the bookstore, but under the ebay options. And ship fast.

    Maps - sell cheaper than from benchmark maps (and comes with a silver coin).

    Fenn Maps - from Fenn’s collection and comes with Certificate of authenticity and a Fenn story. Not available anywhere else.

    T-shirt’s and hoodies - Decent price and hope worth it, just fun.

    The items on the website above comes with a silver coin and poker chip (min order of $100 or $150), and though some think that a return of $15 to $300 is not a good enough return, yes, there are peaks at times, I think pretty darn good. We will have a consistent availability, that will be key (except copper coins once gone are gone). Some people buy whatever to get the silver coin. No doubt Mike’s idea on the coins are the best item in this chase (other than the TC). The rest is a risk, everything is.

    No doubt it is not making a paycheck by any means, that is not what it is about, it is about making a few bucks in time and effort while providing products people enjoy. I remember many emailing about the maps being low priced and a thank you. Yes, we could have gotten more, but it seemed fair with a little profit to make it worthwhile, while providing a nice item for the community.
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