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  • Photos / Drawings in TTOTC

    There is many a debate about the photos and drawings, what they mean, are they hints, etc in TTOTC. I wanted to start a discussion on this topic. Feel free to weigh in. Although everyone can post pictures, if you want a particular picture uploaded for discussion, feel free to ask.
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    Yes, there are at least two drawings and one time stamp that are absolutely part of the solution. I can't say which stamp but will tell you what I believe to be two drawings that he altered to help confirm a clue. The artist would have no idea what it meant if he wasnt deep in the solve. I may be or may not be deep in it but these drawings have info that match poem renderings: Totem and Bessie/Me. I hadn't ever checked out the stamos other than to confirm the days didn't match the dates. I guess I got lucky because when I checked one from page wwwwh, what happened on that day and year is part of one of FF's stories. A full paragraph in fact. I had to choose between either the correct day or date. Well the chapter that stamp was in gave me that answer very easily and I have been sitting here trying to see what the hell part it plays in the big picture: it matches half a line in poem but doesn't match a geographical local. I'm OK with that though, I believe the solution to poem will knot be a standard map to poem solve. More metapuzzle style. So any how Santa came a little late and I don't know what I do with this. Could be the beginning of another puzzle I stumbled on. Metapuzzle, maybe 9 of them. Find the solution to each then extract what the 9 solutions have in common either through local, letters at border of the 9 words forming a tenth local, etc. All I know is this is no coincidence!! If you figure it out PM me. I know people have tried to put stamps in play somehow and FF has even commented on it in a pretty nonchalant manner but they must have been using #'s and not what happened on these days.


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      Deeep, you are probably aware but Toby put out high res def of all the time stamps.

      Looks like others may be on your heels on this one. Good stuff.


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        I.will tell one thing I have found in a time stamp and I'm giving it up because I don't see how it helps find the TC: one of the stamps match when the pilot retrieval system was invented. Not a coincidence IMHO but may be just his way of showing appreciation.