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    Originally posted by Sunburnt1 View Post
    The age 80 does seem to have relevance. Eric Sloane passed in 1985. Also good to know for timeline factors. Eric Sloane also had Air Force connections. And i believe it was him or one other deceased person. That knew Forrest's secret. I am still convinced there is more to the location then just a nice place to eat a sandwich. But on a different note. It is interesting that Preston quoted ff in saying " even with all the clue, it's difficult to find." So being exposed and you would know being within 12ft. Makes the last clue over 15ft away.
    I think the last person that knew his secret spot was his little sister


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      Originally posted by Sherif Billy View Post

      Wrong kind of "Chase" check out wiktionary....(see below) anything there that Forrest would know about?

      Etymology 3[edit]

      Possibly from obsolete French chas (“groove”, “enclosure”), from Old French, from Latin capsa, box. Or perhaps a shortening or derivative of enchase. Noun[edit]

      chase (plural chases)
      1. A groove cut in an object; a slot: the chase for the quarrel on a crossbow.
      2. (architecture) A trench or channel or other encasement structure for encasing (archaically spelled enchasing) drainpipes or wiring; a hollow space in the wall of a building encasing ventilation ducts, chimney flues, wires, cables or plumbing.
      3. The part of a gun in front of the trunnions.
      4. The cavity of a mold.
      5. (shipbuilding) A kind of joint by which an overlap joint is changed to a flush joint by means of a gradually deepening rabbet, as at the ends of clinker-builtboats.
      More confirmation. Thanks.


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        Originally posted by Old Pilot View Post

        More confirmation. Thanks.
        Glad to help


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          Originally posted by flytomoon View Post
          Hey everyone. This is my first post here. But I’ve been around for a few months now. I can’t thank you all enough for your insights and theories.

          I thought I’d start giving back in what is hopefully a very meaningful way. At least it should spur on some thoughts and hopefully a good discussion. This is a big one to release from my way of thinking. I feel like it gives enough away about how I’ve been approaching a solve without giving away an exact location. I have a lot more I could say and I'm happy to answer some questions, but I wanted to get this out to you all.

          Disclaimer: I knew none of the underlying facts below before I came up with this part of the solve.* There was no way I could subconsciously make these connections.

          Also, please keep in mind that Forrest did name his alligator Beowulf.

          The Fallen Astronaut Solve (all of us eventually)

          As I have gone alone in there
          As I halve ‘gone alone in there’ (half of quote = go neal on)

          And with my treasures bold
          And width 'my treasures bold' (width of quote = 15)

          Go Neil on (Apollo) and 15 = Apollo 15 - yes, I know Neil went on Apollo 11. Just watch where this goes...

          Apollo 15 (known for the Fallen Astronaut and Covers controversies). Read about what Covers are and think about the postage stamps throughout the book. And the picture of the moon. The Fallen Astronaut was the first interstellar art installation.

          I can keep (can keep = sealed) my secret where.

          And hint of riches (hint of riches = Hinrichs = old time surname etymology) new (knew) and old (ol' d = dad).
          For those unaware. Eric Sloane was Forrest’s best friend, and his real name was Everard Jean Hinrichs. Edit: *I did know Sloane's last name was Hinrichs, so that does play a part in influencing this part of the solve.

          The first part of the poem solve:
          Fallen Astronaut Covers where I sealed my secret. And Hinrichs and dad knew.

          It would be amazingly uncanny if Forrest knew the person who placed that Fallen Astronaut sculpture on the moon, Dave Scott… He does! I had never read this before finding this part of the solve. Thank you Google.

          Here's a bonus solve to one of the hints in TTOTC.

          TTOTC P. 45

          'Then my father sold our '36 Chevy and got a '41 Plymouth

          instead. I couldn't understand how he could do that to such a

          faithful car that had been a member of the family like the rest of us.

          How would you like to be replaced by a newer model?'

          Here you've got a description of a car. A faithful car that is replaced by a newer model. This can be simplified to an Old Faithful car. Do this over and over in every chapter.

          Has anyone else been down this path? Any thoughts on the approach in general?
          Sounds very similar to The Wolf's writings. Good interpretation of "Go Neal/Neil"


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            Originally posted by Mr hand View Post

            I think the last person that knew his secret spot was his little sister
            JF, I assume? I wonder if she had a background in art.