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    Reverse Six Questions on Forrest Fenn Treasure Found: Three Years Later - Mysterious Writings

    Thank You 'Packer Jack' and 'Sixer'!!!!

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    "I don’t think the Chase was turning out how he meant it to be."
    Sadly, I agree.


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      Interesting about the stolen Atocha emerald golden eagle. Atocha meaning "spring" or "warm source". Could it be that there is a 'Golden eagle' that one could discover with a 'metal detector' attached to the Chase? I believe so, but of course my overly charged imagination leaves little room for knowledge, if you catch my drift.


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        Unfortunately some stories can't be told. Like the Vietnam Vet writing home to his parents, only half the story can be told. And besides, who would listen, my parent's are both sitting on a cloud, in good company, chucking little 'stones' hoping one of them hits the mark.


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          Jenny has done much to encourage and inform the treasure hunting community. I didn’t join the Chase until spring 2018., but when I did I devoured the entire Six Questions series. I have come to see Forrest used the series each year to drop major hints, beginning with that quote from the T.S. Eliot poem “Four Quartets.” The date Forrest used each year, Feb. 4, is a hint in itself.