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For F*@#'s Sake Cynthia...

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  • For F*@#'s Sake Cynthia...

    are there new revelations coming soon? Sounds like someone wants to put an end to the misery... or more B.S....

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    Wow. What the hell was that!? Rated R video. Oh brother.


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      Originally posted by DanNun
      Wasn’t expecting to get flashed by a boob today lol

      There should have been a disclaimer... For the younger & family friendly ... Ladies and Gentlemen viewers. Blahh.


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        Aww... Willy looks like he is happy What the heck is he curled up on in that chair??? Can't tell if it's a fox, a wolf or a cuddles. Maybe Cynthia knows


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          Coming from Cynthia?

          My money is on more BS.


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            Originally posted by Presby
            Coming from Cynthia?

            My money is on more BS.
            Everything from her is just ridiculously way past relevant. Move on Cynthia and find a new hobby.


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              If there was any intention of truth leveling you would skip the screen epic mock-up.

              More mock-ups to follow, evidently.


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                Originally posted by Space Hopper

                Shiloh's Willie?
                Why yes I do believe Willy is Shilos now... Shilos little Willy


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                  Who is that interviewing Forrest at about the :27 mark?


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                    Who is paying people to sell the 9 mile hole location? I want to get in on the action. I can be bought for a price. $10k and I will get on here and drone on and on about 9mh.


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                      Click image for larger version

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                        Originally posted by DanNun
                        Why am I the only one who seems shocked at that women’s bare chest?! Really?! That nipple shouldn’t be that hard considering she’s in a hot pool of water! Oh well, it’s probably just her time to rack them up. 9-ball is the game right?
                        I'm too old to be shocked. I know it's a hint, got to be.
                        But I am concerned over the bigger picture in today's America. What are we doing? Teaching kids that "there are no rules"?
                        I wouldn't have this concern if I didn't already see it everywhere. And look where it's getting us.


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                          Who’s Queen Gertrude anyway? Why is her name echoing in my head?


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                            It's highly suspect that Cynthia knows anything regarding the Chase ending. She likes attention. Doing things like this keep her in the spotlight a bit longer for her 15 minutes. If she had anything of value, she would have shared it already.


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                              That's a Boob in that movie....

                              Boob...haha....haha.....boob....haha, haha......Boob, hahaha. Boob.....hahahaha.....Boob...hahahaha.....Boob.... .hahahaha....Boob....hahaha......Boob.....hahahaha .....Boob......hahahaha.... Boob, boob, boob, boob, boob, boob, boob......

                              Alacazo and Alacazam and Boobity Boobity Boob..... Put them together and what do you get? Boobity Boobity Boob....

                              Blue footed Boobies
                              Ba Ba Ba Ba....Boobie Sue
                              Boob Boob Black Sheep.....have you any Boobs?
                              What's Been Eating Gilbert Boob?
                              Indiana Jones and the Lost Temple of Boob
                              Hawaii 5 - Boob
                              Boob Wars

                              The Academy Awards best with "Boob"

                              EveryBoob, EveryBoob, All at Boob
                              The Boobshees of Boobsherin
                              The Boobs
                              Boobatar: The Way of Boob
                              Top Boob: Booberick
                              Boob Talking
                              Triangle of Boobs
                              All Quiet on the Western Boob
                              And the winner is
                              Boob hahaha....hahaha...hahaha....Boob.