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    Thank you. I'll take it.


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      Originally posted by willynilly

      I’ll take huckleberry if you have it deer
      I only have a nickle can I get a broken pineapple pie???

      When is a paddle a pineapple???


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        Happy birthday Albert Einstein


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          Originally posted by Old blue View Post
          Happy birthday Albert Einstein
          That guy had class V whitewater for brains, the way he could make sense out of any obstacle field was amazing.


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            I just stubbed my toe.


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              What is the volume of a pizza with radius Z and thickness A?


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                It's pi x z squared x a, which of course can be written out as pizza.

                Consider the image on page 146 of TTOTC.

                The man in the picture, who I presume is Forest's father, is gazing up at a crescent moon holding a nest. The crescent moon looks a good bit like the letter C, which is a hint.

                C for crescent.

                N for nest.

                C is the 3rd letter of the alphabet, while N is the 14th.

                C-N >>> 314.

                Pi in the sky.

                Perhaps more is lurking in the image.



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                  It is one of the first times here that I think someone using ciphers and letter numbers said something serious. But I do not think that pizza’s will solve the poem. But halve pizza’s could help . I also tried to find an explanation why Forrest sometimes used special numbers. (Posted that before somewhere).
                  I refer to Scrapbook 211, where Forrest broke the mirror housing of his car mirror. He did this manoeuvre 58688 times before, he said. So this was the 58689th time. Mirror this number (because the story is about a mirror). You get 98685. Now take the square root of this number. Result= 314,1416. That is nearly exactly 100 times pi (314,1592) with a correctness of 99,99%. What does this learn us? That pi is kind of a root hanging for all of us, donkeys….. to bring us to the solution of the poem.
                  This can look trivial, but it is the only explanation that I can imagine for this 58689th time he took this turn with his car. (It was a turn around a tree, driving backwards: that is also 180° or pi radians).
                  For me the message in his scrapbook 211 was: “Do I have to explain you a hundred times that for solving the poem you need a mirroring over 180° ?”. The word that is key, therefore IMO is mirror.
                  In my solution, mirroring his most loved locations (Yellowstone inclusive 9MH and the Dude) down into his chart over a rainbow of 180° (=pi radians), brings you to the general area where the treasure was hidden. For the mirroring you can use the horizontal axis of Wyoming. That brings you to the extreme SouthWest of Wyoming……..Uinta County….Evanston where steam locomotives halted (WWWH) and still do at some festival days. From the cemetary there (WWWH) , start applying the poem again. Take it in the canyon down, etc… All clues will fit the locations. But that is My Opinion.
                  I explained a long time ago what the home of Brown was and who Brown was (but there are two different Browns (one at the home of Brown and one at the cemetary) , what the meek were…were the creek without paddle up was, what the blaze was, etc…
                  I posted this around september 2020 here, but I should review those pdf files, because since then I found so many (and better) confirmations in FF’s writings. And in the original document there were some wrong assumptions. I posted those new confirmations, sprinkled on this forum over several threads. I should bring it all together in one revised document. But I have a life beside this hunt…no time for the moment. But If I have time, I will do it.
                  But I’m not sure if there will be interested readers here.

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                    Thanks Jan.

                    I think Zapster may have just been providing some entertainment, but I agree with you that Forrest certainly seems to reference pi frequently. Indeed, beyond the pineapple pie story, it shows up throughout the book. My favorite example: the picture of the boys playing marbles in the same chapter. There is a clearly drawn circle, and there are 3 boys on one side and one on the other. Furthermore, there are three marbles on the ground and one in the shooter's hand. 3 + 1 = 4 is therefore displayed twice in the same image.

                    Pi is also hiding inside both Epilogue as well as in Shiloh's recent reference to something epic coming.

                    I also agree with you that Forrest does use other special numbers from time to time. One example: on the top of the page facing the image I discussed above, he refers to row 4 of block 23.

                    Finally, two additional hints regarding what I believe to bean important hidden message in the illustration on page 146.

                    (1) Dad has his boot on the 23rd stump.

                    (2) X marks the spot.

                    I, for one, also think that this saga isn't quite finished yet.



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