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    Originally posted by Hear me all View Post

    Here's one.

    Forrest, you have stated that several searchers correctly identified the first two clues in your poem. Could you tell us how many searchers to your knowledge have correctly identified the first clue correctly? Thanks. ~49 Dollars

    No 49, I cannot tell you how many searchers have identified the first clue correctly, but certainly more than several. I cannot imagine anyone finding the treasure without first identifying the starting point, although many seem to be preoccupied with later clues. To me that’s just expensive folly. f

    And here's another to let you know that multiple searchers keep screwing up.

    As far as I know the closest person to the treasure was a man, but there may have been a woman with him. The most common mistake that I see searchers make is that they underestimate the importance of the first clue. If you don’t have that one nailed down you might as well stay home and play Canasta.f

    Forrest grew up flinging and throwing horseshoes but over the years that sport has seen fewer pitchers. I still play from time to time. One reason that so many searchers failed to see all the horseshoe hints was because they were never exposed to the game. They were usually played at Sunday afternoon picnics and plenty of spring breakers visit Horseshoe Bay.

    Recently I decided to reach out to a source who knows the location of the chest so I can get them on record stating where it was. I've worked through the first round and hope to be in direct contact very soon. It's long past time to put all the bad searcher ideas in the grave and have a funeral for them.
    Hey Hear,
    Thanks for the work...the quotes. Really great mate! I point out that if one is to read and study them (along with the quote below)...then they should be open to the likely hood that the crux of the meaning of most of these quotes you provided, is to focus on the "where," or the locality, of where the first clue is at. In the strictest sense....there is a stark difference between "where" the first clue is, and the "first clue" of "WWWH."

    If, the claim is:
    "Where" the first clue is located at is the most important thing.

    Then the finding is:
    "If you don’t know where the first clue is, you might as well stay home because you’re not … you’re not going to find the treasure chest."

    "Where" the first clue is located at, is the most important "thing" (Claim), that gets a searcher to "where the first clue is" (Finding).

    The finding, "If you don't know where the first clue is," substantiates the claim of "Where the first clue is located as the most important thing," and proves the claim has a greater than 50% chance of being true.

    Obviously, the conclusion that can be drawn is that the claim of "where" is substantiated by the Forrest quote is talking about "where the first clue is." In other words, finding the 1st clue (WWWH), is a result of first establishing location of "where" the first clue is located.

    The quote below:
    FF: “Well, there’s about 250,000 people that think they have. And, uh, I don’t know that anybody has … has … has told me the clues in the right order. I think that part of the problem is they don’t … they don’t focus on the first clue. If you don’t know where the first clue is, you might as well stay home because you’re not … you’re not going to find the treasure chest. You can’t go out looking for the blaze and expect to find the treasure chest. There’s ten billion blazes out there. So you have to start with the first clue and let it take you to the blaze.”

    I lastly add that the burden of proving "location" is now left up to the searchers.......Cheers.​
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