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    Originally posted by RFISH

    A good example of someone who actually does have one small part figured out,
    but fails to see it as a part of a different, possibly correct solution. Yeti seems to
    understand the importance of the juniper. His interpretation of juniper berries
    and gin as the “lush” canopy of stars is quite insightful.

    I will add that Fenn sitting by a juniper fire, a “little past midnight” is
    possibly another reference to aiming to the right at some point. Yeah,
    the Yeti is long winded and persistent, and totally wrong about Brown
    but the Salmon of Knowledge says-
    Score - One for Yeti
    Hey Fish,
    I just want to add that Kritosaurus Navajovius Brown is a duck billed dinosaur that lives at the Bisti-De-Na-Zin Badlands. Consequently, Bisti.....distinguishes itself as "the home of Brown" therefor. Additionally, the English word, "denizen" is a homophone/whatever for the Navajo, "De-Na-Zin." Denizen, De-Na-Zin. Consider that a dinosaur is a dragon. A denizen, is "an inhabitant of a place."

    I like the song "Puff the Magic Dragon." Imagination is what Forrest told us to use. He told us to show the poem to a child. Yeah....that song has Jackie Paper in the land of Honah Lee and bringing Puff stuff: "And brought him strings, and sealing wax, and other fancy stuff."

    Forrest Fenn put scissors in the chest, told of strings, there's sealing wax on the jar in the chest on his jar, and there is a lot of other fancy stuff in that chest too. Geeze....why is it so hard to believe in fairy tales when Forrest made one, and we all participated? hahahaha Is Bisti the land of Honah Lee? Sure, and why not? Where is your imaginations??? Cheers.


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      Originally posted by trueyeti View Post
      Hey alameda,
      Very good connections. Now please concoct a potion that links together these wonderful observations that ties in Richard Wetherill, Byron Harvey, the Navajo (Silversmith), and the turquoise bracelet to Brown and the poem. If you do that then I will believe you. Until then I will be huffing my silver paint and holding my breath. Cheers.
      I was confused for the longest time. Now I get it. You’re just rich.


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        I dunno bout y’all, but I get the impression F just wanted to show some ankle and used fire as the excuse.


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          Originally posted by RFISH
          You don’t want to be there when the Dragon puffs.
          During the Vietnam War, C-47s served as designed and also as the first gunship-the AC-47 or "Puff the Magic Dragon," which was fitted with 7.62 mm miniguns. These weapons fired up to 6,000 rounds per minute and the aircraft carried 54,000 rounds.
          Hey Fish,
          John Wayne's, "The Green Berets" had a scene with it. I've seen them on t.v./YouTube. War sucks. I prefer this version instead..... Peter Paul & Mary - Puff The Magic Dragon (with Lyrics)

          IMO, this song goes to Forrest's intention because there are parallels in the song and with the solve out there at Bisti. In fact, in the song's lyrics where it says, "And frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called Honah Lee," could be sang as, "And frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called De-Na-Zin."

          IMO, Forrest was very sentimental. IMO, the song fits as though it is about him and Brown.....and what Brown.....represents. Think about it, there is the Dragon Room, the Dragon bracelet, the Dragon themes with Douglas Preston's books, the train in Santa Fe (a fire-breathing locomotive painted as a Dragon, and named, "Pablo the Dragon"). Out there at Bisti....the monolith of "DICK" is transformed into "DUCK," when you apply "I give you title" to it. You substitute the "I" in "DICK" with a "U," rendering the title of "DICK" into "DUCK." That is the duck billed dinosaur called "Brown." Now....the title of the monolith is "DUCK," the dinosaur......the "Dragon." Imagination much?

          The misty land of De-Na-Zin is thereby transformed into other myths.....One, for example is the myth of the Dragon that is guarding the gold.....but in the case of Bisti, the dragon is casting shadow and light that is a golden "W," and it is pointing the way to the treasure. Other myths are incorporated along the way. They coincide with the poem but tell another story too. Another myth: the Navajo myth of "The House of the Father Sun." There is a lion in place for, "If you are brave and in the wood" who stands guard as one of the clues out there. It's near the monolith "Brown" and the noble and regal lion, whose gallantry.....guards the secrets....of Forrest Fenn. Much takes place in the mind's eye with Forrest out there....more than people know as of yet. (Because they can't get past themselves).

          But, if you watch this video and read the lyrics, then you can see for yourself how sentimentality plays into the story telling of Forrest Fenn. When I was a child, this song would make me cry.....because it is a beautiful exercise in the field of imagination. You have to go inside of yourself and ask the child in there......if they know what I am talking about. IMO....this is the adventure that Forrest invites to go on, even still.....

          The internal world (Self) and the imagination Marry the saying, "Where your heart is, there too will your treasure be." Let Puff the Magic Dragon lead the way. The trailblazer Mandrake Fenn (the Magician) has already hewn the trees.....a trail is blazed in the wilderness, and all you have to do is find your sentimentality.......and the adventure begins anew..... IMO, Puff the Magic Dragon is a metaphor for the inner child....who is not lacking in imagination....Cheers.
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            Originally posted by Rose Livingstone View Post
            I was confused for the longest time. Now I get it. You’re just rich.
            Hey RS,
            That is so silly. hahaha. That person has sent me the past, cause they think I'm crazy or something. Anyway...."high on life" is an expression that I think we all aspire to achieve. It's a state of mind and a good place to be. Si No? Cheers