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    Hey Not4,
    Forrest was asked, "Who is Brown?" He replied, "If I told you that, it would lead you straight to the treasure chest." Who is "Brown" Not4? Cheers.


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      A canopy of stars could be the blaze, if this canopy is integrated in an object.

      « the treasure was found under a canopy of stars » dixit Forrest Fenn.

      and the poem says:

      if you’ve been wise and found the blaze
      look quickly down your quest to cease

      So the blaze should be higher than the the chest.
      It could be a crystal ball (like prof. Marvel (Marvel gaze) used in the Wizard of Oz) hanging in a tree, like this one, but with a canopy of stars integrated in it:
      And Forrest suggested to bring a flash lamp with you on your search. It could be IMO useful to see the canopy of stars in the ball, because most of those balls need a light source at the bottom.
      The weak point is that such a blaze could be removed easily, except when is high in the tree, and Forrest removed the lower branches that could give access to this blaze.

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        Together, this statement, "under a canopy of stars", along with the illustrations in TTOTC of Forrest looking up at the night sky, seems to indicate that something involved there is a hint. Maybe more than one hint. It seems pretty important.

        Not4but242Walk, I think your mindset is along these lines (not saying anything one way or another about your solve).
        I've seen others over the years talk about stars in various ways, they too seem to have the right mindset.
        Orian, "the hunter", is another one. Even that said as "Or Eye On" might be something.

        I like the Ursa Major comment I saw somewhere today. And Ursa Minor has the North Star in it, as a possibility.

        The moon, of course, might be a hint. But it's also possible that this is all symbolic. Take the combination of the moon, the bird (dove?), the turtle or frog head, along with the tree stumps, that all might be symbolic. In other words, while the chest was obviously hidden under the canopy of stars or the night sky, it could mean anything.
        They key is to figure out what it means, in a meaningful way to the solve.

        It's pretty wide open as a hint(s).
        In my opinion, if you don't have something about this in your solve, either you haven't found it yet or you might just be wrong (sorry, but then again, I might be the one who's wrong).


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          First thing that came to mind. Was the American flag. Also could serve as a blaze. Early on he used the term wavering. The flag is one of the most symbolic tributes to our veterans. Yet many stood by when it was being disrespected for shock value for another cause. Such a pity.


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            If you lay down under a juniper tree and look up at the canopy, you can see thousands of juniper berries. Gin (Canasta) is made from juniper berries. A an alcoholic....someone who is apt to take a liking to Gin. A lush loves Gin, and all the berries of the juniper tree makes the "lush vegetation" a lush's dream. Passed out under the juniper, the lush awakens to see all of the berries....the canopy display.....seemingly as numerous as the luminous and numinous stars in the canopy of the heavens... Numinous: "having a strong religious or spiritual quality; indicating or suggesting the presence of a divinity." lush. Pic....tiny portion of the canopy.


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              What’s under the star? A hammer and a sickle. Forrest was a Russian spy. During the Cold War


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                Originally posted by Sunburnt1 View Post
                First thing that came to mind. Was the American flag. Also could serve as a blaze. Early on he used the term wavering. The flag is one of the most symbolic tributes to our veterans. Yet many stood by when it was being disrespected for shock value for another cause. Such a pity.
                This is a good possibility, in my opinion. It fits on multiple levels of hints.
                Let me throw this out there for consideration. What if a grave is involved, a grave of a veteran of the Vietnam War.
                This can tie into Bomber Mountain, too. Or any other similar crash.
                I guess it doesn't have to be a war veteran, it could be anyone, or group, who served God or Country in any fashion.
                It even could relate to 9-11 (thinking about the flag that the firemen raised).

                However, mine was related directly to stars.
                Did you know that the North Star changes? It's due to "progression." There have been 3 different ones in known human history, and there will be another one in the distant (to us) future.
                At one time, I had a tentative layout in my solve of those 3 "North Stars." But my computer fried, and I lost that and never went back to it because it wasn't important, and I had to recover the important stuff that was more solid to my solve.


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                  Originally posted by RFISH
                  For what it’s worth, even Fenn noted the juniper for it’s resiliency. There is also a Grey Owl Juniper,
                  and he said “if you don’t find it, then -
                  Hey RFISH,
                  It is worth it. Then there's the juniper log that he cut from San Lazaro, took home, then sprinkled juniper berries beneath it to affect the future. You know what is unspoken and missing in that story is the stump that he left behind when he cut it down. But the stump unspoken, does match with the image of the field of stumps IMO... Out there at Bisti where I found the boot and the ax and the 9-stones in the shape of a W, there are many juniper stumps. I will try to post them in the next couple of days. I have like 14 pictures of 14 stumps or something. As I understand it, the Navajo harvest the juniper trees for many purposes. Its illegal to do that anymore now that Bisti is designated as a Wilderness Area. Those stumps out there are old....

                  Yeah, then Douglas Preston in some book wrote about juniper trees and an owl. For what it's worth, I saw a Great Horned Owl in a juniper tree shaking the branches and making a ruckus in broad day light. It was looking at me while he was shaking that juniper tree branch. Actually...the owl was so large that he was shaking the whole tree....for like 5 or 10 minutes. It was one of the darndest things I ever saw.....yeah it was out there at Bisti right in the Barrel Springs Arroyo, just off the Bisti Wash. I saw that owl other times too.....once I really kinda got freaked out by it. What a blast! Will try to post pictures of stumps in a couple of days. Wish I'd thought to take photos/video of the owl....but I guess that I was just shocked by what I was seeing. I wonder if there are any juniper trees at 9MH? The trees there are deadfall I think...not the stumps of cut in his drawing, like at Bisti. Cheers.


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                    The U.S. state that best aligns with "under a canopy of stars" is the "Big Sky" country of Montana. Montana is:

                    The Treasure State (pretty self explanatory for TTOTC)
                    Big Sky Country (at night: horizon to horizon "canopy of stars")
                    The Mountain State (Montana, after all; in the "mountains" north of Santa Fe)
                    The Stubbed-Toe State (a rock-strewn state with steep mountains and lots of potential for toe-stubbing -- particularly for former Texans who have a history of losing their shoes)


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                      Originally posted by Old Pilot

                      Yes . . . but Forrest's use of the phrase "canopy of stars" was hardly useful in solving the poem.
                      Old Pilot One thing I can assure you of is, Jack certainly wouldn't have understood what Forrest meant by that statement.


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                        Originally posted by Old Pilot

                        Do you mean that the same Jack who understood Forrest well enough to find his treasure would surely not know what he meant by "under a canopy of stars"? Carry on. Please don't drown.
                        Old Pilot Sure I do, this is the same Jack who had no idea about the stick. The same Jack who never solved the poem puzzle but guessed the location. The real location which you yourself are trying to discover via the poem. The real canopy of stars comment would not mean anything to you unless you were well into the puzzle. It relates to the Zodiac wheel at the blaze, a specific canopy and not a generalisation. There are numerous night sky illustrations in TTOTC, and one in particular of Forrest sat on a gravestone on a moonless night, clearly star gazing. The covers of both issues of OUAW which are blatantly covered in stars which contain the constellation called Triangulum, which incidentally appears in the map geometry when drawing the poem on the map. Something you dismiss out of hand and pay it no heed, the stars are extremely relevant to the solution.