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    Originally posted by Wally View Post
    How does that explain the "a man I hadn't communicated with since 2018" statement? (If I have that quote right).

    Many of us searchers have sent FF emails and pictures during the chase. Most of the time he did not respond. That means he did not communicate with you.

    If FF responded to your email, that means the he "communicated" with you. I am not saying I am the finder but the last time he responded was in 2018.

    Just because searchers communicate with emails (sent and received) does not mean they know each other. I can say I never met FF and FF can say he never met me.

    Any blazes (markers) found on the way to the hidey spot are considered parts of the puzzle. IMHO
    a man???


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      Originally posted by Spoon View Post

      While that brings up an entirely different set of issues, I'll grant you that is different than the way I understood it. Thanks for the correction.
      F hinted to the spot for 10 years. Jack was able to figure out how f hinted and couldn't resist doing the same when telling searchers about his find.

      Do you see why he chose 25 searches?

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      If you WINK and LOOK you might see the NOOK. But make sure you don't use SOAP in this tub with the huge skylight above you.

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      People like Forrest that had imagination and a strong command of words could talk circles around others without them knowing what he truly meant. Many searches could only dream of communicating on his level because it was childish in ways.


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        Originally posted by Old Pilot

        If a person tells a lie, they are a liar, and should not be trusted. Plain and simple. Straight tongue or forked tongue.
        Are you saying we shouldn't have trusted Forrest? He told a few fibs in his time.


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          Originally posted by Round Peg, Square Hole

          Book fibs arn't the same. Take Hansel and Gretel for instance. Leaving a trail of breadcrumbs that weren't eaten by birds, and a duck that helps navigate treacherous water didn't happen, but we trust the fairy tale because of the bigger picture. It guides us in life.

          Are you referencing the news media?