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I didn't have time to watch the youtuber monday?

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  • I didn't have time to watch the youtuber monday?

    Where the emails I talked about released? Between Jack and Forrest. Kpro made it sound like she had no idea what I was talking about before hand. That there were none released. Did anything factual to progression of the solve come out? So far the only factual clue that has been released in 5 years was the treasure was found in Wyoming. But even that was questionable by the wording and the circumstances around it.

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    imho you should take the time to watch it. Kpro went full babe ruth, called her shot and delivered big time. It was awesome to watch her in action. Great job Kpro!!!
    She had a whole bunch of Jack's e-mails starting around the 1 hour 13-minute mark. hope that helps.
    solve- it seems to me that Mr. Fenn's family generally, and Shiloh specifically, have plans for the chase that they have been working on. and I can't wait to watch it should be awesome!!!


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      If Shiloh plays his cards right, he could star in a new reality show, and eventually become a highly-respected celebrity . . . like Caitlin or Chaz.

      OH!, I should say something about the Chase . . . (kinda, or something like that) . . .
      Not being afraid to use a dictionary, I looked up "chase" and found that it can mean an area where animals are living
      but not enclosed (i.e., fenced in). This is why I don't like referring to the treasure hunt as "the chase". I don't want to mislead anyone.
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        So I posted this before Monday show. 6-19. "Someone said that Kpro has the 48 emails that were exchanged between Fenn and Jack that were publically released. And most of them are Jack saying he knows it's at NMH. ughhh good grief Charlie Brown."
        Kpro-??? Publicly released emails? Who said what??
        Me-Saw it on Reddit. Not saying it's true. But it was stated as that.
        Kpro-Oh are you saying someone on reddit said that I said to them something? 3rd or 4th hand? Lol…. Rumors rumors
        kpro- Gosh I am glad thor is here for the real news….. lol…..
        Sounds to me like the big suprise/secret was well known beforehand. Not sure why the Tomfoolery. But I get wanting to leave some suspense to the show .
        I didn't watch the whole show. But I still don't get the perception Jack solved the clues through that. And how he got so confident on his HOB. I'll admit that i was a huge naysayer on NMH. Basically because so many thing Fenn said contradicted it. Oh welll..... The shyster got me.