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    Ok kids, I’m going to have to report you to the principal if you can’t start getting along


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      Originally posted by mountain digger

      HA! Well give us your real name with proof that it is your real name. Go ahead, POST IT here so I can prove up your good character, like at Harry's. You never personally never posted on Harry's under this user name? ... OK, you prove it. You're the one using the name djjmciv, you're the one who claims many use the djjj-whatever name across forums, you're the one now posting here alleging it was someone else that dirtied the user name. This is laughable to it's core and I have no doubt you could care less about the truth.

      Your back door attack on my character will not go ignored ... you should spend your time however you like, but you don't get to suggest how I should spend my time [now or in the future]. That too is laughable.
      Well, you certainty proved his point.
      Anyone can use the name djjmciv. The password was placed on here and reddit.
      Password: football (in case you missed it).
      So go ahead and believe what you want and that only one person is using it.
      I'm just commenting to see if the password was actually real. Go figure.


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        Originally posted by mountain digger

        Maybe kpro will consider banning an a/c here that's used by many unknowns if what you say is true?
        Others using the same screen name was the story the last time, which tells me this is the same character as that one. If what that last one claimed was true, I would have found myself a different screen name by now.


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          Originally posted by Old Pilot
          Please, y'all, let's discuss the treasure hunt instead. Who, besides me, has found, near their BOTG search hike location, something that looks like the head of a golf club?
          You mean like this guy?