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  • Very bad day

    ** Not FF / chase related **

    So today, I completely lost it. Long story but a large number of coins that I inherited 30 years ago got intermingled with some random coins in a bucket about 5 years ago (when I moved out, rushed, doesn’t matter). I had not taken the time to sort through the bucket to sort the random coins from the highly collectible ones….. I left it in in the garage and knew I would sort it one day.

    Well, today we organized the garage and the coins are all but gone. My stomach dropped. I guess the kids have been taking a couple dollars at a time of change for an ice tea at the corner convenient store for the last year. Little by little it dwindled down and I had never noticed. They never thought it was a big deal, they are just silly kids. I cried.

    Then I was so angry. Then I cried again. Lots and lots of silver dimes, Indian head nickles, and tons of random really really old rare coins, even mistake coins (had errors). Gone. Spent like coins of today for a candy bar at the local corner store.

    I just can’t believe it. I turned to Mike when I lost it (who typically says, “it is not that bad”)….. and he said “I get it, oh my God”. OMG today was a sh**ty day. My father would be angry at me today. And I deserve it.
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    I am truly sorry to learn this . . . but you'll get through it. You have friends (here, for example) and family. That's what friends and family are for. Thank you for sharing.


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      That sucks, sounds like something kids would do. Were they honest with you about it? I think as a parent that honesty would mean more than any darn coin.
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        Sorry this happened Kpro... Tolerance gives us clarity to forgive...


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          In the adult world we must separate intention from consequence. But it ain't easy, is it? You kids will forgive you.
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            Sorry to hear this kpro, maybe you'll get lucky and find a
            1916 D FB. Dime or 1943 copper penny at the bottom....


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              Gods lesson here is family's worth more than material goods. Having beautiful children around to mess up your s*** is worth more than the loss.

              I do feel you though, I've suffered similar in the past with some sealed coins that were all opened by kids who spent a lot of em.

              On another laughable occasion, my logic was that whenever I ran the drive through at Mc D's I would buy two kids meals, instead of an adult meal, so I could collect the toys, and have a return in the future, thus offsetting my outlay. I had a huge box full of toys still in packets accumulated over the years, probably every single one. No need to tell you what happened when the kids found em!

              You just gotta love children...


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                Yeah, losing that sort of thing is a real drag. I still can't find a few of my neat old silver coins, which are lost because I probably stashed them for safe keeping.

                However, looking for a silver lining in all this, imagine the other kids who are coin collectors in your neighborhood, and the excitement for them of finding say an Indian Head penny or a Buffalo Nickel in their change. Those two items are still (mostly) a mere pittance in even today's value, but at the time of finding them as a kid for me, it was the equivalent of finding a treasure. (I'm not sure if I ever found an Indian Head penny, but I did land many Buffalo nickels and once an old worn out Liberty Nickel. And right before silver got collected out of circulation, I used to go to the banks in San Francisco when we visited, and have the teller pick through the oldest dates, like 1878 or 1879 or so, and buy them for $1.00 each. Sigh-- the good ole days.
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