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    Originally posted by lookingbutnada View Post
    Oh my lordee... please ... if you are a flatlander like me... you cannot survive!!! It's awful... altitude sickness is real!
    I get it bad, but this stuff works great, you'll still need a day or two to acclimate but, in the meantime you wont feel bad


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      Don't attempt to traverse a raging river at first snow melt ... with nothing but some Wal-Mart floaties and true grit.
      Don't hike through high desert terrain without ample water or in 10 year old sneakers (that just may melt 6 miles into your hike).
      When crossing mountain ranges by foot, stick to spurs not draws. Better to be spurred onward than have your end ever drawing nigh.
      If you decide to climb up or down a steep slope, bring a partner to hold the rope and make double sure the knot is tied proper and your partner doesn't suffer from ADHD.
      Never announce that you're a treasure hunter To anyone. Ever.. "Wildlife biologist" is a much safer bet.
      Always wear bear spray when north of Tijuana, even when you sleep. Did I say ALWAYS?