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    Originally posted by Rose Livingstone View Post

    Yeah, many places are shadows of their former selves; a lot of desert/ dry land was once under the ocean. Searching ‘cannonball concretions’ is fun. I tried to find this place called ‘Rock City’ in KS last time I passed through, but GPS was incorrect (or misleading at best) and led me to the middle of farmland with no geological attractions in sight before nightfall. After an hour or two of searching I left unsatisfied and not sure it exists so would recommend locating it on GE before visiting. Could’ve just been wonky engineering on the maps, but I’m not in a position to say.
    IMO, this is the way our minds work too. Have you ever been awakened from slumber and experienced not being sure of what time of day it is, or where you were at? Thanks GE Mind.....sometimes you really trick yourself that way..hahaha


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      Originally posted by mountain digger

      Those damn Texans.
      All roads lead to crazytown. Think I read that somewhere. Might be a song lyric.