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Did Jack find the chest in 2019? Tonights LIVE show!

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  • Did Jack find the chest in 2019? Tonights LIVE show!

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    If it can proven that Jack found and retrieved the chest in 2019 but didn't let Forrest know, he's one of the sorriest scumbags ever! One one hand I believe that if he had found it he would have found a way to let Forrest know so searching could cease/U. On the other hand, Jack has been dishonest on multiple occasions so who can say with any certainty. Before punishment is meted out it would be nice if Jack would provide more communication even if goes against the advice of his legal team.


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      I don't understand why anyone even mentions Jack's name anymore.

      Once any of his statements are determined to be false, then nothing he states can be trusted to be true.

      This by itself is enough reason to rule out anything he has stated, such as "found in the state of Wyoming."

      And no, I don't care about the chest, nor about a Search-2.0. I just hope the fraudulent actors are exposed.