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If Jack really had the chest in 2019…

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    I'm just going to say it. If anyone aside from Michael Sexton is responsible for his death, it's me. I knew where the spot was the first day I heard the poem. It blew my head up and it has been a Strange ride ever since. I knew the spot, but I just put the last puzzle piece together last night. I sent Forrest the spot in the second email I ever sent, but couldn't explain how I got there, I just found it. I don't know if Jack was always built in or if he's the hacker. If there's a finger to be pointed in the last death, go ahead and point it at me.
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      Originally posted by pws111 View Post

      They needed the year to establidh a trail on Reddit for a searcher that would be outed as Jack by the Fenn disinformation committee at the right time and all of us would jump on it claiming we had proof that Jack found the chest in Yellowstone and we would come up with some bogus solution to support the delusion. Thus would end the hunt and the Fenn brats could live happily ever after. Why did the brats need this? Becasue Fenn refused to tell them where the chest was or go get it and end the hunt. Fenn wanted a legend, a hunt that could last a thousand years.

      The plan was always Friday, June 5, 2020. The postmarks clearly show this to anybody that knows anything about finding clues for a treasure hunt. June 5 was not on a Friday in 2019. Fenn told us there was an "end" date that was preplanned. I think what changed was the Fenn brats felt they needed a phony finder to make the story believable. They pressured Fenn into it accepting it and recruited Jack the Quack. Fenn was under so much pressure, that he thought about recovering the chest and ending in December 2019. I sent him the blaze in January 2020 and he confirmed it was correct. That made hin change his plans and go with the Wyoming and Jack lies, while leaving subtle hints that the chest was still out there.

      What other possible reason would a real finder not have at least attempted to sell the chest through a real inernational auction house like Sotherby's or Kristi's? All this BS about tax strategies is a waste of time and lies designed to make us believe the crap stew we are being served by the Fenn brats. The law is clear that the taxes were owed on the apprasied value in the year it was found. Jack can't sell a fake chest because he and the Fenn brats will go to jail for fraud if and when the real chest is found.
      F & Co would only go to jail if the finder of the “real chest” sued them. That whole scenario seems stupid.

      Let’s say your scenario is true, why would you sue F if he dropped a box full of rocks on your lap? If you found the “real chest” you are telling me you would sue the estate?


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        Originally posted by JDER View Post
        Nope. Individuals searchers and finder folk are not responsible for the dangerous actions of others with free will. That's not how free will works. Also, the F stated that the chest had not been found in the Spring of 2020, so all the arguments that Jack found it prior are just exaggerated folly. When I need to trust someone to be telling the truth in the chase, I'll mostly trust Forrest.

        You know who should and does feel bad. That searcher's partner who went out with him again after they had already been rescued once.

        The finder is under zero obligation to report the find to anyone, including Forrest. Forrest himself stated that this might be the way it worked out, depending on who found it.

        This option is why he had a "way" that we would know it was found. What that way is remains a mystery, but presumably F had a way to know. In his own account in early 2020, it had not been found yet.

        Further, if it had been found in 2019, why is F emailing Dal and seriously considering ending the chase? If Jack had found it, or anyone else had found it, in 2019, then F could just have said "It's been found. The chase is over." He would not have needed to detail a long list of reasons to end the chase.

        What’s funny is Jack said the opposite on Reddit.


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          Originally posted by CoatezOfManyColors View Post

          What’s funny is Jack said the opposite on Reddit.
          I guess it depends on how much one cares for anything Jack has to say regarding the chase. Since he's told us he won't give us any information on the solution, I personally don't care about any of his quotes or his Condor stuff on Reddit. Obviously, opinions may vary, but there's not much interesting to me about the concept of "Jack as the finder." He simply hasn't behaved like a finder, so I discount him for that reason and others.