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    In SB 98, Forrest end the SB by talking about stumping searchers and shows a picture of himself in his white shoes. Forrest put the answers in front of everyone and wanted you to think just a little, not a lot. It was so easy I'm surprised somebody didn't solve it in a few days.

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      For those not aware, Forrest would make mistakes and not errors. He worded it that way because he used the word mistake as a hint for the stake in the ground. At the end of SB 99.5 Forrest made a mistake and even wanted to draw attention to it by stating that it was a fact. He said "How fortunate we are to have the luxury of warm water and electricity, an extravagance that 80% of the world population doesn't have. That fact is not lost on me." If that had made you curious, you could have Googled it and found out that in fact the answer is 13%. Cha ching people! Click image for larger version

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      Forrest dished out hints like a loose slot machine.


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        When the very similar bronze chest was found at the Detriot Museum, it came to light that Indulgence wasn't nearly as old as Forrest wrote in TTOTC. For what it's worth Forrest used other ages for the chest at different times. If you wonder why he said it could be from the eleventh or twelfth century, it was because of the ELEV. and the 6+6=12 on the BENCH MARK. Just another example of a hint. And might have held a Bible or Book of Days. Forrest incorporated a lot of B's, M's and compound nouns that were split in his writings.

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          When Forrest wrote about Willie being a little retarded it was because searchers who were close to figuring out the poem were really SLOW at seeing it.

          Rules. Forrest liked to talk about his 109 rules one a few occasions. He used them as hints for the spot. The reason he said he had 109 is for the 67+42 =109 on the post. And let's recap some of his rules.
          1. It doesn't matter who you/U are, it only matter who they think you/U are.
          2. It's better to do it and be sorry you/U did it than to not do it and be sorry you/U didn't do it.
          26. Number 26 was, “If you don’t know where to search, any trail will take you there.” By nature, I am not the type who wears a belt and suspenders both.

          Fkrrest prefaced rule 26 with how it wasn't great to walk barefooted for 7 miles to help make it really easy since he incorporated all the numbers on that side and he even included the parenthesis by talking about suspenders.

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          When Jack told you that Forrest made two slip ups he himself was toying with searchers. You don't slip with you hands or arms but your feet. Can you see the 2? And the U for the shoe and slip ups?

          There were a multitude of searchers who attributed adventures to Forrest that were so far beyond his capabilities as an old man and he knew that would happen so it was easy for him to write the epitaph he did. Truth be told, he only walked several steps from where he parked to hide the chest. Your minds wanted an adventure so you came up with Nobel prize winning solutions that always overestimated what he actually did. And hopefully you had fun.


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ID:	374542 Since it's Friday, I'll throw another couple of Forrest's hints out for you. Since he hid Indulgence at the post on the edge of Yellowstone he tried many different things to help searchers make the connection. Many hints were very obvious like the actual postmarks and the Benchmark map. Two of the more subtle ways he hinted to his favorite spot were with the dot in his signature and the triangle dresses that his lady stick figures wore. I already mentioned the 33's in the lady stick figure hairdo so won't say that again. 6+6+9+2+5+5=33

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              If any searchers have a Fennboree III poster map they would like to sell, please send me a message.



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                I am also interested in the same poster.