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    There is no solution that Bisti cannot defeat. Jack knows this. Forrest’s disclosure of Wyoming is a Riddle itself. Simple. He said that 2 days after I sent him my Solve. You need to understand that I am not calling him a liar. You need help yourself and see that I am not calling any one a liar…it only shows that your head is up a hole in a place that you need to get out of. That is, **it Creek without a paddle. Get over yourself. See with new eyes. You need them in the maze…Don’t complain that its too complicated…it is stragglers who are lost in the maze. Put the fire out, and get up and understand, and follow the string through the maze that I am offering you.

    Don’t freak out - if I destroy you, it is designed to revive you. In the most gentlemanly way conceivable.

    It can be fun to be in on a joke…like the one Forrest shared with Dougals at the Pink Adobe…he had figured out how to take the money with him, making the finder a grave robber.

    The riddle of Wyoming is like a joke too, told by Forrest himself from beyond the grave, now still yanking your chain.

    Laid there in the Labyrinth by Forrest himself. A booby-trap, laid by the architect. Why? He is the architect of the maze…like Daedalus, the architect of the Labyrinth of King Minos’, on the isle of Crete. Forrest’s ball of string is the same thing, like the string through the Labyrinth on Crete.

    Forrest is Daedalus and King Minos too. He said he wasn’t going to make it easy.
    The disclosure of Wyoming is a booby-trap in the maze. Until you figure that out…. you are out of the joke. You have fallen into that trap, laid by the architect himself, and as a result, you cannot find Forrest’s string.

    Wyoming is the joker in Forrest’s game of poker. Be in on the joke…...

    Understand not this riddle, understand not the metaphor or the story, and the answer to that riddle, is out of your reach. You cannot Marry the two (Wyoming and New Mexico) …you are lost in the maze. Out on the joke. Understand it, and you are in on the joke too.

    That you fall into my boob-trap, by questioning the answer to the riddle causes you to spin, and the dark and swirling emotions, will not let you Marry Wyoming to New Mexico, the answer to that riddle. I am patient…. embrace the grieving process…. save you it can…. then you can find the string again….and continue onward. I am the finder, and I hold the key (the Solve), to the answers of the secrets (of the Labyrinth) that he, “already knows.” You hold the scissors…...cut asunder…. you will blunder…. lost in the maze….where trueyeti….lurks in the shadows…..setting the booby-traps for you to fall into… you can’t find the string, and are lost. Embrace the grieving process. I am patiently waiting in the shadows, laying the traps. In the shadows trueyeti awaits, around the darkened corner, like the Minotaur awaits to tear you asunder. Unless you can find that string. There is no Solve that Bisti cannot defeat. Measure your own solve against it, grieve, and then take Viking Positions, and follow that string……elsewise, you are lost.

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    Riddles require lateral thinking multidimensionally to crack them. Metaphor usage decipher meaning and answers. Double meanings linked to metaphors linking to answers, mirrors quantum physics phenomena, where the riddle and the answer Marry, and mirror the quanta phenomena......The physics and the psyche.....Marry......