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DB Cooper and FF updates!!

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  • DB Cooper and FF updates!!

    make up show from last night!

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    David Gold Author of "My Dance With THE zodiac Killer" says he knew the author of “ha ha ha” and said that his name was DB cooper. Simply call David Gold and ask him if it wasn't really Forrest Fenn.


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      I went down the DBC rabbit hole at some point in my Chase research. I was looking at a solve near Hegben near a house number 423 (DBC) The property was owned by some LLC or trust, I don't remember which, but I was able to track the ownership to an address shared with a store called Bell's Books. This bookstore is nowhere near the Rocky Mountains. This isn't a normal bookstore like Border's, it looks to be the kind of place a book aficionado would appreciate.

      This probably has absolutely nothing to do with the Chase, but I found it to be one of the most coincidental things I came across in the Chase. Going through the whole solve that led me to this property is pointless, but it started with wwwh.

      I don't like to give out the exact address because I don't want to dox anybody, especially if it's unrelated but you can do a smidge of digging and get right to where I was.