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    Originally posted by My Chase Quest View Post

    I'm tired of this stupid and imagined threat that the NPS will do anything if someone just mentions where it's at. Its BS. Forrest was telling people to go there to search for 10 years. So, in the years since the law was passed they never did anything to Forrest. It's a bogus excuse. AND any reason for 9mh be HOB is specialized knowledge. AND people would not have walked past clues 3-7 if it's at 9mh.,, AND more than a few would have been within 200 feet. AND jack said Forrest didnt talk about the location...AND Cynthia claimed Forrest told her Trout was not Brown. AND AND AND...
    BUT BUT can just cut the Gordian Knot by figuring out where Fenn wanted to die, don't you see? There was a video where Fenn was about to say that he wanted to die at his favorite _____. He surely was going to say fishing hole and what fishing hole could it be other than 9MH? What more proof do you want?


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      A lot of searchers keep claiming that Nine Mile Hole was Forrest's favorite fishing spot. Yet to my uncertain knowledge, Forrest never said it was. He did name OTHER fishing locations that were his favorites, but never Nine Mile Hole.


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        Thanks Cynthia,
        Your videos are always a welcome sight.