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  • 9 mile hole - page 122 - red dot

    In December of 2019 I bought multiple copies of The Thrill of the Chase to give out as Christmas presents to friends and family. I noticed that in one of the books there was a red dot in the middle of the picture of Forrest’s father at 9 mile hole. I noticed it at the time so I compared the picture to the other books I ordered and it wasn’t on any of the others so I didn’t think any more of it. I also didn’t order signed copies of the book but all of them came signed by Forrest anyway and Forrest’s signature has a dot in the middle of the second F in his name for some reason. Looking back on it now, I think about how December 2019 was when Forrest was asking Dal about potentially ending the chase but didn’t. So now I wonder if Forrest was starting to give out additional hints or clues at this time and wonder if Forrest intentionally placed that red dot on the nine mile hole picture to help hurry and in the chase and get someone to find it.

    I’m curious, did anyone else order a book around this time and did anyone else have the same red dot on 9 mile hole? Or did anyone else receive anything else any other potential hints around this time?

    9 mile hole wasn’t my original solve but I do think it’s correct now. Just before this, September through December of 2019, Forrest was also writing scrapbooks like crazy. In one of these scrapbooks he mentions his friend Addie saying she hit a birdie on hole number four and that never happens. Then a few scrapbooks later he talks about secreting his birthday Buffalo nickle along with the golf ball where he hit a hole in one with on hole 4. Looking at pages 122 and 123 in ttotc reading from left to right, there’s fishing hole one, Mt Haynes, then water hole (number 2), then Highway hole (number 3), then 9 mile hole (hole number 4). So it also makes me think he was potentially giving larger hints in his scrapbooks during this time to since he was ready for it to be over. But my main curiosity is if anyone received a red dot or anything similar like I did on the 9 mile hole pic at this time?

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    The dot in the second F is typical of his signature, but no red dot on p.122 that I can discern. I don't think Nine Mile Hole is the location but you make an interesting connection with hole #4. Anyway, the special place where Forrest hid his birthyear nickel wasn't at hole #4 unless it (and the golf ball) were items in the chest that were never mentioned -- apparently he had it in his pocket the whole time and Shiloh has it now.

    But speaking of golf balls... is it possible that Dal stopped on the side of the road at Nine Mile Hole and took a few swings with his clubs? Maybe he drove a ball across the river to within a few hundred feet of the treasure's location. Then again, he could have done something like that about anywhere I suppose. Or maybe he drove his nail for WWWH in the wrong place and as a result missed finding the treasure by a few hundred feet.

    I too would like to know if other folks found red dots in their books, though.


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      No red dot on my copy. I'm thinking your red dot was just an accident in it's printing process.

      As for 9MH, I don't believe this is the correct area, but I do think Forrest's father was a significant influence in his life.


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        Hole 4, I like it.


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          Yeah, I agree it was probably just an accident somehow and wasn’t intended, but wanted to throw it out there to see if by some off chance others experienced anything similar.


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            Are you sure this red dot is not on a white cashmere sweater? No dot here.


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              Forrest mentioned Bakers Hole, Madison, 9 Mile Hole and plenty of other places he trekked in youth and as an adult. If you had arrived at the edge of the park where warm waters halt, followed the clues and needed up precisely where you began you would begin to notice all the why Forrest mentioned numbers, colors, unusual words ,bronzes, cement and bathtubs so often. You wonder why he included the dot/point in his signature, it's all right here. 9MH, B,M, YELLOW, GREEN, WHITE, RED, nickels, pies, and so on. Notice how the sign is shaped like an old tub? Maybe you will even notice the LOOK quickly down. Maybe you can even see why Forrest used omegas, talked about horseshoes, beards, bracelet with 22 disc beads, showed a golden horseshoe, horses, burros, missing shoes, rainbow, steps, feet and many more. If you take the time to read all his writings again he used more than ample amounts of words with U's. He even wished everyone Good Luck/U. If you are passing this way you might want to slip a nickel near the base as a remembrance to Forrest. Click image for larger version

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                No red dot for me. Which printings did you receive? We’re they all the same? Just curious, may not mean anything. Sixth printing for me.


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                  Jack never uses punctuation at the end of his emails. Look up punctuation in the thesaurus. Bullet and asterisk are listed. There is something about the dot.


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                    Originally posted by Copper View Post
                    Jack never uses punctuation at the end of his emails. Look up punctuation in the thesaurus. Bullet and asterisk are listed. There is something about the dot.
                    Funny thing, though, is the condor redditor did use punctuation at the ends of posts, so I suspect that missing period at the ends of Jack's emails is an affectation he picked up after Forrest's announcement on Dal's -- "The treasure has been found" without a period, suggesting to some that the story/hunt wasn't finished. In other words, I think Jack is just jacking us around with this little foible.