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Who is Buying the Chest???

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    Originally posted by Broken arrow View Post
    No one without the solve.
    And that solve will not lead someone to Yellowstone or 9MH.


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      Ashton Kutcher


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        Originally posted by Sherif Billy View Post

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        Damn those Lilliputians O.P.!!!
        1f Billy
        He's just tryin' to grab a lil putian.
        Conservatism is the belief that a small subset of the people is protected by the law, but not bound by it, while another, larger group is bound by the law, but is not protected by it.

        ~ Unknown


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          When did Sasha make that remark?


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            I love old things - actually got a hide covered western chest and it definitely needs to be recovered. Not gonna touch it tho cuz that would ruin it's essence....


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              Last week was the revelation about the "Pam" email, now the chest sale news - any relation I wonder?


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                “Um yeah…the chest is being re-hidden.” Says the lying POS’s that pulled it and covered it all up in the first place. I mean, this all seems REALLY convenient now doesn’t it? “The chest was re-hidden. The chase is back on!” This translates to one of two things:
                1. No chest will be re-hidden. Why? Because everyone has seen that NOTHING can be proven. If no chest is ever “re-found”, it will be said that it’s still out there. Conspiracies will continue to abound, and NOTHING will come of it.


                2. This is a perfect opportunity, after buying time with all of this complete concocted BS that has been going on with this ending, “they” can completely control another “find” they can actually write a story about. It’s obvious to me that Jack has NO solve. Something mondo fishy happened or was caused, and they been trying to figure out a way to cover their arses this WHOLE time.

                Either Forrest is rolling in his grave, or he’s laughing, thinking he finally figured out how to get a way with it all.
                I used to believe Forrest was an honest, legit person that ACTUALLY believed in the magic and the real thrill of the chase, like he preached. I’m not so sure anymore. I’m tending towards believing we were all duped by a long con. I still hope, with all that I am, that the latter is untrue. That Forrest WAS a good man.

                Time and karma will tell.


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                  Dumb question, Why did recent posters get banned? Did they get out of line, or are there some new rules I'm not aware of?


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                    What if the thing left for the finder from Forrest is what is playing out? Maybe Jack found it, and had to do something according to the rules or task at hand. It’s what Forrest’s last wish was of where he wanted the chest to end up. Maybe Jack has to try and sell it to “the entity” first. If the plan is to “rehire” it, then maybe Jacks role is over and we get a new chain of command.

                    Let’s imagine when Jack opened the lid there was a note or when Jack brought the chest down to Forrest there was a request or demand. Forrest said he’d like the finder to bring the chest down in person and warm up to it or something along those lines. Maybe Forrest had a plan and needed Jack to warm up to the idea of playing a role for Forrest. So he accepted and it was put in place. Maybe that plan was to have Jack sell back the contents to people familiar with Forrest. But it couldn’t be done until after Forrest passed away. In Forrest’s will maybe he requests that people close to him repurchase the chest from Jack and hide it over again. Could Forrest have cashed out his savings and given it to someone with the intention of purchasing the chest after he dies, so that he could finally take it with him?

                    This is all just an idea with no facts. But the way I interpret the poem tells me that Jack definitely had to do something for Forrest in order for the poem to work.