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Chest bought, not in SF.

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  • Chest bought, not in SF.

    The buyer put out a post on Copper Dans FB page from Packer Jack who heard from the buyer of the TC (so not verified)

    From packer Jack

    Good people do great things.

    On Monday, I received a message from “The Entity” that the sale of the chest “was imminent”. I was at work and not fully understanding what I just read.
    My initial thought was that they had learned some confidential information about a sale of the chest as I had gained their trust over the past year.
    I replied, “Closure is a good thing.”
    I was then shocked by a response that “The Entity” has a meeting the next morning with an attorney inspect what had been verbally agreed upon.
    My mind waa spinning and I was at work so I simply replied, “Good Luck”.

    I then assumed others were in the loop and that this would leak yesterday.

    It did not.

    I checked in last night and “The Entity” shared that the meeting went well, but there was still some the legal wrangling that needed to get completed.

    Fast forward to this evening. I contacted “The Entity” to see if there was an update and if I could share any information without “naming names”.

    “The Entity” said that as long as names were not named, I could share.

    Before I share, I would like to say that “The Entity” is not a third party, but a direct participant in the pending acquisition of the chest. Unlike unreliable sources, I will simply say that “The Entity” is of the highest integrity and that they operate as such.

    What I can share:
    - The chest is no longer in Santa Fe
    - If the transaction completes as discussed, the chest and its contents will be sold in their entirety
    - The Entity has met with attorneys after verbal agreements have been reached on the potential sale and there is a call scheduled with Jack’s attorney tomorrow morning
    - The Entity not only hopes to acquire the chest but has shared with me that the intent of receiving it it to rehire the the chest to honor Forrest and for the chase to continue anew

    I feel honored that The Entity has trusted me with this information over the last three days. Had I not received approval to share this information, I would not have.

    I shared with The Entity that my heart waa like the Grinches growing three times when I learned that they may be the acquirer and then subsequently learning that their intent it to rehire the chest and continue the chase.

    I will not divulge names so please do not ask.

    It is my hope that Jack will not only finalize the worthy bid, but more importantly the noble effort of the entity to honor Forrest and have The Thrill of The Chase continue.

    - Packer Jack
    “Positivity triumphs over negativity” - famous quote by the famous Cowlazars 2018

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    Just like that!!


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      Hiya 'Fain'......if it's legit, we might be back in business!......Yes....No?

      Gonna be a lot of heart-broke Lead Searchers!!

      Good Luck to Everybody.....loco


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        Thank you for sharing this information. (Please pardon my temptation to take all of this with a grain of salt.)
        I continue to wish "good luck" to all serious searchers.
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          You can’t sell what ain’t yours.


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            Entity, lol. Thats a good one.


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                Maybe its a transition, preparing for a new birth...


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                  kpro , in your opening post you use the term 'rehire' you actually mean 're-hide', ie a typo ?
                  If the intended term is 're-hide', then sounds like 'the tall nooker' (I know you won't comment !)


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                    Originally posted by BigOnus View Post
                    Maybe its a transition, preparing for a new birth...
                    As a CUer (not a searcher from Leeds, UK) you know what's what, so likely, there's no 'maybe' about it.
                    What a bunch of 'cons' !


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                      C’est la vie or say la vee, its up to you, now about that solution...


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                        Says a Lot



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                          Packer Jack got got. Doubtful anybody Jack sells chest to would be talking with Packer Jack or anybody before the funds transferred and deal complete. It makes good Youtube though. The buyer also forgot to tell Jack Stuef he bought the chest LOL
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                            Always big announcements!!!!!
                            Never any real proof. Why?
                            I hope the IRS is listening.
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                              Re hire? Is that even English?