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    Originally posted by Knowledge View Post

    If you knew Suzy like I know Suzy you wood know Suzy is looking for information. Many do not understand the light-gathering abilities of satellites. The truth is that they must be very sensitive in order to give us the details they do. Even to the point, that starlight reflects off surfaces in very dark areas on GE, "little to no light pollution. As you know the chest was in an area chosen for its low moister level and clear skies a major percentage of the time. Everyone here has spent hours on GE. We know most of the time we get an update every 3-5 years in rural areas on GE, but there are many more once you are down at ground level. So hovering over the spot you can click back in time, many times months at a time. Even with tree cover, the starlight reflects off that chest. In Jan 2009 nothing no reflection the island is dark as night. Then the next satellite pass I think in July 2009 you can see the reflection. If the light is not being gathered by starlight after it reflects off something we would not be able to see it on GE.In less you think I was with Forrest that day and we landed at that little airstrip by seven-mile lakes, after we left uncle Frison's ranch.
    Who me? Looking for information? Never! . . .

    . . . would I ever cease and desist from that goal!

    I'm a little sort on time, but I will check out your findings later, Knowledge. I can't resist a ground round steak!


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      *cues Led Zeppelin's "Ten Years Gone" *