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Camping Ground near Blaze

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      Originally posted by Kidd View Post
      Whopper Which campground?
      If I told you which one, I'd practically give it all away, it's within a relatively short walking distance of the Blaze. You will get tired, though, if your backpack weighs 40 pounds...


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        Originally posted by Whopper View Post

        Why should I answer your questions when you don't answer mine? Is this a free for all one way street? I will only give the first clue and everybody already knows it: the first clue is Begin it where warm waters halt. In the poem letter matrix numerical solve I spoke of earlier, warm waters halt at S, the letter S at the end of waters is where you begin in the matrix summation simplification puzzle as I call it. Solving the first layer of the puzzle gets you to the general search area, or outer wrapper #3 as I like to call it.

        That's all you're getting for free, Bubba. Good luck!!!
        Whopper. Im sorry I didn't see anywhere where you asked me a question. Please ask again your question and ill be sure to answer it. Shoot...
        1f Billy


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          Whopper you can give your solve as many others have. If they don’t believe it, they’re not going to go flocking to this area. There might only be a few to check it out if they happen to be in the area but maybe not even a few as the chest has been retrieved ....


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            Wait - before you start, let me pull up a chair......