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Why Is It That I Must Go?

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    I think "So why is it that I must go" = So dude, Wyoming is it! The mountains are calling GO! oh yeah, and drop that ego while you're there.


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      Originally posted by JChere View Post
      I never thought it as conplex.. I. Is an embroidery and a little chaotic in the poem itself.. hmm.. I wonder where I have seen an embroidery together with chaos.. hmm oh well it must have been my imagination. I do seem to remember a picture in a book of fenn wearing a pants that had some patch work but maybe it was an aberration
      Another crazy thought on why that I must go... railroad crossing look out for the cars, can you spell that without any r,s .... step on crack break your mother's back.....


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        “Why is it that I must go?” We all gotta go at some point. I think the better question is why must I “leave my trove for all to seek?”


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          Originally posted by larsonist View Post
          This stuff is bordering on ciphers and codes which FF cursed and condemned.
          Consider yourself cursed and condemned.
          You need to look up the definition of cypher and codes. Facts matter and what a word actually means, matters, not what you think it means. Codes and cyphers change the letters of a message. No letters have been changed by removing the letter I, or by rearranging the letters in the poem, while maintaining the order of letters.


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            Hillbilly Hound
            Hillbilly Hound

            In answer to your question . . .

            "All to" = All two . . .
            Find "All" down poem . . .
            Second word after "All" = "Listen"
            "Listen" is the keyword for my solution . . .
            "Listen" = "L is Ten" . . .
            "L" = 10

            Provides the initial starter letter values to begin solving the poem at Line 5 as directed. I think of this as a hint because it needs to be understood before tackling the first clue.

            Pretty sure few will like my answer, but I offer it anyway.