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    Originally posted by Hear me all View Post

    Fenndery - Solved it in May 2020. I'll help you. Look at the sign. Do you see why Forrest said AS I have gone ALONE IN there?

    Click image for larger version Name:	IMG_20190513_095325.jpg Views:	0 Size:	1.60 MB ID:	300981

    Josh Jordon , is that you ? ...Errrrrr.....your "legs" ?


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      Originally posted by Fenndery View Post

      Josh Jordon , is that you ? ...Errrrrr.....your "legs" ?
      Please don't associate my son's legs or myself with JJ. As a person he might be okay but as a solver he was off the reservation. I never could understand why he or some other searchers refused to read TTOTC. With such a lucrative prize up for the finding, it was best to heed Forrest's wisdom. Their reasoning for not reading TTOTC or the other books was not rationale. Especially since they loved to pollute their minds with blog posts which altered their ideas.
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        Originally posted by JBJB View Post
        Immediately after SB219 = #5 crock: in SB220 = #8 spider web turquoise chunk necklace
        A bit later, SB230 = lists #1-#7: rules/explanations of his game (interesting!)
        JBJB Thanks for your due diligence in finding those, I appreciate it.