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    If you've been wise and found the blaze
    just take the chest and go in peace.

    Your effort will be worth the cold
    If you are brave and in the wood...

    Note how the verse goes from blaze to cold, when seemingly referring to the same place.

    So, you've been wise, now comes the question 'are you brave', and it is assumed that you have found the blaze and are in the wood.
    Having met all of the above requirements, you are now told to just take the chest and go in peace.
    So where does cold fit into all of this ? More on that later. Right now, I'm focused on the wise and peace.
    ================================================== ===============================

    'go in peace', is a salutation addressed to someone who is departing,
    a salutation is an invocation.
    It is also used as a prayer for the departed.
    As I have gone alone in there.

    Wise, and peace. How do they tie together ... wisdom and peace.

    Solomon was wise.
    Solomon means peace, in Hebrew.
    ( doyen works well )

    If you've been wise, go in peace.

    If you nail that one down, you've made it to the dean's list.
    ================================================== ==========

    There are wigs of a persuasion that believe Solomon never existed.
    They believe this, because no hard drive has ever been found.

    Sounds not too unlike the chase. One won't know they have the first clue nailed down until they find the chest ...


    nice keyword ...
    Finding Jessica

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    The Lure of Wisedom

    The Lure ; I wonder who named the documentary.
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      I have some affilitation similar. Roman Gods. Yes. Like.

      Roll Tide, really like your thoughts. They are far more imaginative than mine and make me think. Thank you.


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        You guys never cease to put a smile on my face. Thanks!
        My 9 clue solve


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          Benchmarks..... yes.

          Maps have benchmarks. Some of the maps provided by fenn have benchmarks and some do not and some have evolved with none then magically appear. Benchmarks.


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            Originally posted by ROLL TIDE

            Wouldn't be the first time a question was posed by some unknown 'searcher' .
            Nor would it be the first time Forrest has utilized a searcher's question/handle, to drop a hint.
            In my research it has been pretty evenly split. About half I can find the handle on the blogs and about half i think are hints/clues.


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              Begin "I" t wwwh along with lines 1&2 give you the answer and where to begin. It took me 3 years & book to confirm wwwh. I had thought the right answer up about 2 years ago but had no confirmation. Last night I found the confirmation in book. Wow! I did a Google search with a key term+FF, Chase chat, TTOTC site, etc. There were only 3 hits. Two of them were me, the 3rd was on D's site but his site sucks and couldn't find the hit. I may be the only one who has found the undeniable confirmation but I suspect Mindy, RahRah, Astree and maybe Eliza have found this. What I wonder is how they may have this but haven't made much progress in two years. Having known only 24 hrs I'm trying to figure out what to do with it. I can now say that I am in the 2 clues club(how I got it and what it is). Stanza 1 was necessary to find wwwh! Wwwh is not clue 1 or is and stanza 1 just gave me the method and is a hint. I believe it's crucial that I figure out if wwwh is clue 1 or 2 in case it develops into an end game puzzle that requires say 9 word acrostic or such. I suspect it gives me my latitude in relation to why the bronze statue was cold to the touch. This would explain worth the cold. I have put one line of the X on the map. I was in and out of the long/lat camp over the years. I'm permanently in the camp now. Wish I could share cause I may need some help but the nature of the Chase precludes the possibility. You'd think I could figure out a way to group think this without losing out. I'm by no means a greedy person and would be happy with even a tenth of the prize but it's been attempted with no avail. The problem may have been that the teams didn't have wwwh. I'm trying to use the same method to find the next step elsewhere in book to apply to poem or map. It is truly amazing and simple. It just took thinking the right thing at the right time. Focus on line 1&2 only. Parse it down word by word, listen to it phonetically, then when you can see those lines in every possible way manageable read the book. Organize things, make lists, take notes and you may stumble on it. I always disclose my solves after I have dead ended or discarded but can't reveal this. If any on here think you have the answer PM me and I will confirm it if you do. I'd love to find someone at the same step as me!!! Peace all. Let's talk


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                Deep -

                It is sad that Dals had the most info but so hard to navigate.

                Having that oh-my-lord moment is great. I have had it but doesnt seem to your level.

                Can't say I can PM ya, since I dont full get it but it is nice to know some are narrowing in. Spring it might be a get-too-it-first. Hopefully ou are a fast runner.


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                  Yes I get how it comes across. Not lost on me. I have solved wwwh. I don't need help on this clue. I was just offering a helping hand having spent alot of $ on wrong solves. No offense taken though and if anybody has any doubts on my offer then plz don't pm. Been at this for over 3 years and have seen people try this scam.


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                    Absolutely could be wrong and goes without saying that it's all my opinion. The comment about not knowing that 1st is correct until.... Is a hint in and of itself. Be careful about how you read into his comments. Anyhow this is the 1st time time I've been absolutely sure about anything. It leaves no doubt.


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                      Deeeeeep.... is wrong but he' entitled to his own opinion


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                        Yes I am and is it just me that thinks Fennmaster has a problem with me, seems a bit of an a**hole. Just IMHO of course. Back to adult behavior again, sorry for the lapse.


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                          Easy..... it is going to be a great 2018, let's start anew and make it a new year!
                          “Positivity triumphs over negativity” - famous quote by the famous Cowlazars 2018


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                            Wasn't trying to weasel anything, was offering true help. And yes wwwh I have figured out I'd fact. Was being nice by saying IMHO. Peace out.


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                              Oh and to reiterate, I did acknowledge the way it sounded after you pointed it out Fennmaster. I then told people to not PM me if they did doubt my offer. Then you used the word weasel. I guess that's it for me posting. Bye and ty Kpro for the opportunity to use another site thats' focus was on solving. Good luck everybody. Warm and cold are in the poem, find a paradox using these two terms and parse the hell out of line 1.