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    Originally posted by Anna Graham

    How is showing up to a sleepover, in the middle of a pandemic, to sing "kumbaya" around a campfire relevant. Do you feel special, June? Like one of the chosen?
    Well, at least I wasn't scrambling words around to make them into nonsense. I feel special in that regard.


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      Originally posted by abravefable
      Looks like chasechat is either having problems or is finally gone forever.
      It became the fainting couch for Leaf's yammering inferiority complex.

      Originally posted by Space Hopper View Post

      Did someone flush the toilet?
      Everyone chose to just shoot themselves in the head rather than to listen to him weep from upon the cross.

      Noooobody expects the Chase Underground. Our chief weapons are fear, surprise, ruthless efficiency, and an almost fanatical devotion to the POEM.


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        Originally posted by Anna Graham

        If you were a little more intelligent, you might recognize that it’s not nonsense.
        Lets join On - A - Gram (of blow) on our show already in progress :

        The category is "Things I say to myself daily"
        Pat , I would like to buy a vowel ....
        Ok ......
        I would like to buy an O ....
        Yes ! There is one O
        Pat I would like to solve the puzzle

        " I am an _ SShOl _ "