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They Called Him "Sir"...

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    When I was a young waiter I would address customers as Sir and Ma'am. The gentlemen often took offense at being called Sir. They would respond with things like "Sir is my father's name" or "Please don't call me Sir, I work for a living"

    I always thought it a polite gesture, but men of a certain age seemed to not like the title.

    I also know a gentleman scholar, an artist that I have contacted related to the Chase. He held specific information on Sitting Bull's pipe, as he was an art teacher for the Standing Rock schools. Anyhow, he prefers to be addressed ad Sir. I don't know if he is a Knight, but have wondered...


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      Originally posted by djjmciv View Post
      This just fits with Forrest's generation and expectations of the father figure.
      I had to call my dad Sir.
      Just goes to show he grew up to be just like his father. You can tell there's deep seeded affection and admiration there. I wouldn't be surprised if Fenn's spot was only shared between Forrest and his father. Two can keep a secret and his father had past. Jack saw this too and I believe I've found the slip up.
      The Sir stuff feels like a distraction... But I too had wondered if 'two can keep a secret but...' referred to a place Forrest visited with his father. The start of the poem and 'going alone', could be a comment on the fact he usually went with someone else, treasures bold could mean a head full of treasured vibrant memories?