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    I started out looking for a box of gold and was showed
    so much more I seen places that I never would have I have been happy I’ve been sad I’ve prayed beside my creek in Wyoming I’ve
    cursed ,it has showed me my treasures that I already have and
    I absolutely believe the Bible and especially the life of Jesus will 100% lead us to a garden in the wilderness


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      I was looking for Gold . And I found an entire side of a mountain filled with it . I also found the coolest Pirates Hideaway that is right out of ANYONE, who has seen the Goonies ,DREAMS .The perfect hideaway with treasures of unbelievable relevance . Physical things that you cant even use your imagination to dream up. The place is real , more real than anything I have seen imagined or fictionalized .
      It seems a place that DB Cooper would be proud to call his Pirates Cabin in the Woods ...

      That is my true story . Believe it or not at your own peril .


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        Originally posted by JamboSummer88 View Post
        I was looking for a chest of gold in the mountains. What do you believe is this other “priceless treasure” that is the true solution? I think most of us were looking to find gold, not Jesus or the meaning of life or whatever. What was everyone else looking for? Honestly curious...
        I guess the best way to answer without giving anything away is to be very general.

        Even though the Poem still leads you to a physical chest of gold, when you discover the nature of the Poem, you will slowly begin to also discover Forrest’s hidden clues, and soon realize that the “chase” is the true and priceless treasure.