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SHILOH joins us in chat and sets the record straight!!!

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  • SHILOH joins us in chat and sets the record straight!!!

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    That was a very exciting ending!

    Because it's obviously going to be over-analyzed by searchers anyways, I might as well get the process started. Here is Shiloh's comments from the chat (presented without context or commentary):
    Shiloh Old: Shiloh Old here.
    Shiloh Old: 1) there was no "family intervention".
    Shiloh Old: 2) there were no "serious health issues".
    Shiloh Old: real Shiloh
    Shiloh Old: I did.
    Shiloh Old: Check your email.
    Shiloh Old: It's wrong.
    Shiloh Old: False information.
    Shiloh Old: I lived with him. Who do you believe?
    Shiloh Old: I'm trying. You're backpedalling.
    Shiloh Old: Are you calling me crazy?
    Shiloh Old: I'm trying to correct the record.
    Shiloh Old: Either you believe me, or you don't.
    Shiloh Old: #3: the finder, to my knowledge, had no "nudge".
    Shiloh Old: ....entire conspiracy theory is now "debunked".
    Shiloh Old: I never looked.
    Shiloh Old: Willie says "hello".
    Shiloh Old: It's not strange. Somebody found it.
    Shiloh Old: Tell Kristie to check her email.
    Shiloh Old: ....since nobody believes me....
    Shiloh Old: Willie is dumb as a rock. But I love him.
    Shiloh Old: ....delete the powerpoint.
    Shiloh Old: "certain discussions" with "certain people"?
    Shiloh Old: Maybe special spots aren't meant to be shared.....
    Shiloh Old: ...I only drove because my granddad thought his Jeep was an F100....
    Shiloh Old: See above ^^ no sickness or "condition".
    Shiloh Old: guys are reading into it too much.....
    Shiloh Old: Jack is the finder.
    Shiloh Old: #breaktheneedle?
    Shiloh Old: ...Forrest was NOT "ill". He was 89 years old. Come on.
    Shiloh Old: ....4?.... It should be "0".
    Shiloh Old: I am absolutely saying "there is no conspiracy" my opinion. haha.
    Shiloh Old: ....I called your cell....
    Shiloh Old: Kpro is great. Not to worry. I'm just trying to help.
    Shiloh Old: .....I'm not answering.
    Shiloh Old: ....I'm not an "anti-kpro gang". I'm an "anti-conspiracy theory gang".
    Shiloh Old: ....try being on this end.....
    Shiloh Old: ...from Novia Scotia?
    Shiloh Old: I met him. Good guy.
    Shiloh Old: Pirate 45 the one who made the painting of my grandma in the wedding dress?
    Shiloh Old: ....this community is largely wonderful. Most are great. Small percentage is.....tough.
    Shiloh Old:'re too good for Mike....
    Shiloh Old: jk Mike.
    Shiloh Old: ...I'm not advocating for any show....
    Shiloh Old: I just want to go cut my wood in peace.
    Shiloh Old: ...also, Cynthia is cool.....
    Shiloh Old: ....Cynthia's information may be incorrect. It's probably not her fault. She's great.
    Shiloh Old: Misinformation is nobody's fault. One day maybe I'll start my own Youtube channel. You know, if the wood business doesn't work out....
    Shiloh Old: The pond in the backyard has perch THIS big.
    Shiloh Old: Willie went to the beauty parlor the other day. He's feeling sassy. Still dumb, though.
    Shiloh Old: Give it time.
    Shiloh Old: To my knowledge, and in my opinion, the upcoming "expose" has some issues....
    Shiloh Old: ...Jack's cool, too....
    Shiloh Old: ...I have more than 28 haters, for sure....
    Shiloh Old: .....he did congratulate the finder, as far as I recall?
    Shiloh Old: I have the buffalo nickel that was in my granddad's pocket on the day of his death. Apparently it was in his pocket every day for decades.
    Shiloh Old: LORAN
    Shiloh Old: I'm wearing the buckle as we speak. The chics dig it.
    Shiloh Old: I wound up with Willie and the belt buckle. Jack, eat your heart out.
    Shiloh Old: Why does nobody love Boss? He's my guard dog.
    Shiloh Old: ... COME ON, MIKE...
    Shiloh Old: Do you even fly, bro?
    Shiloh Old:'re claim to fame is marrying Kristie. Come on.
    Shiloh Old: *your*. I hate that.
    Shiloh Old: ....Amy Seeks is cool, too...
    Shiloh Old: Greg sucks,
    Shiloh Old: ...I'm "threat conscious".
    Shiloh Old: Toby was the first person I ever met with a $5k camera. '
    Shiloh Old: 90th birthday bash was awesome. It was the last time I sat with my granddad in front of the computer.
    Shiloh Old: Tell David that ADF approaches are way hard to fly.
    Shiloh Old: ...LORAN is NOT a conspiracy theory.....
    Shiloh Old: Dale is cool, too....
    Shiloh Old: ..."cowlazers is cool...
    Shiloh Old: ...O
    Shiloh Old: O
    Shiloh Old: I'm not watching all of these.
    Shiloh Old: ....come on is Vietnamese for "thank you".
    Shiloh Old: ...dumb as rock.....
    Shiloh Old: Good night.
    Shiloh Old: space is so 2020...
    Shiloh Old: no conspiracy.
    Shiloh Old: Bridge on the River Kwai
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      Originally posted by View Post
      That was a very exciting ending!

      Because it's obviously going to be over-analyzed by searchers anyways, I might as well get the process started. Here is Shiloh's comments from the chat (presented without context or commentary):
      I think you missed one....
      2:23:09 Shiloh Old It's not strange. Somebody found it.


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        There are more before that. But awesome list!!!!
        “Positivity triumphs over negativity” - famous quote by the famous Cowlazars 2018


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          Originally posted by kpro View Post
          There are more before that. But awesome list!!!!
          Thanks! I jumped into the live video late, but I've added the ones from the beginning now.


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            Looks like things are warming up...Spring is always welcome...


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              Originally posted by cowlazars View Post
              Thanks, y'all. Tick, tick, tick . . .


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                Lots of people were witnessing the real end when Shiloh was
                on Cowlazars channel to debunk all conspiracies. Are we
                ready to move on after this or is there more to riddle for
                and why did he do this anyway? My guess is that many will have a hard time to move on and
                nobody really found closure yet...

                Is/was that really the final answer???
                „It‘s almost impossible to carry the torch of truth through a crowd without singeing somebody‘s beard.“
                G. C. Lichtenberg


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                  How weird. I've carried a buffalo nickel in my wallet since my first boots on the ground.


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                    Can I now please get some love for my sense switch to listening and my beacon theory? Seems like I get to hen/rooster a little bit and a kindly about nailing that part of the solve. I absolutely knew there was a beacon involved and a sense switch. LORAN and ADF confirm that much.

                    No one follows a cryptic poem into the mountains to locate a precisely positioned box of gold without a beacon calling them in.

                    Remember them gypsies and their horse drawn wagons. That means drawn equals pulled. The end is ever drawing nigh means it's pulling you to it.

                    No paddle up your creek was a time clue, not a directional clue. June is the one who didn't get paddled because she ran off to bed at 8PM. The boys got paddled for staying up later. June. Saturday night. listening to the radio. 6-8PM.

                    I think I earned a cookie or maybe like a T-shirt, because I effing nailed those parts. I'm so relieved to have that part be right. Jack totally won, but I figured and imagined that much correctly.

                    Hear me all and listen good:

                    June listening to the radio, to the top ten hits: list ten.

                    "My little beacon should have gone off automatically and I knew my friends were listening for it." My War for Me.
                    "I could hear the dangerous air of the north beaconing to me, and I embraced the thought." My war for me.
                    "The mountains continue to beacon me. They always will." Earlier published version of Lewis and Clark chapter. Removed "beacon" in TTOTC.

                    Odds I was totally wrong about the earlier clues but springboarded to the sense switch and the time-lock? Pretty good honestly. I'm fine being wrong on wwwh and canyon and hob. But what are the odds I cracked the hardest part without landing the earlier clues? LOL. I totally screwed up, apparently.

                    Gimme my second or fifteenth place ribbon! Thanks. I knew it called you into it. No other way to walk confidently to a small place in the mountains. This accounts for all the bells in TTOTC. Shit, I'll take a donut as a prize at this point. But I definitely got that part correct. Failed everything else. Nailed sense switch and time lock.


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                      My gut tells me it's only a matter of TIME.

                      No subterfuge in SIGHT.

                      Because TIME matters and so did LISTENING. The subterfuge was not in sight, but in listening. LOL.


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                        That settles that. I guess we can rest now. It really is over and Ichabod has crossed the River Kwai.


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                          As far as I'm concerned, for all time, the chase was merely good clean family fun. Witch's honor.


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                            I love shiloh and the Fenns. If I were in Santa Fe right now, I would bow my head to them in tribute to all they suffered, all the nonsense and horrors, and embrace them with a cry of 'we never had to take any of it seriously, did we?'. When Forrest passed it broke my heart. I thought for a time that the trickster had pulled the wool over our eyes. It helped me get through the grief. But whatever is, is. And what we do is look to the good, the love, the fun, the laughter, the holy memories of an amazing life. We celebrate him, his chase, both the good and the bad, as the kind of adventure that only happens once and say ultimately that we were the luckiest people on earth to not spend our lives being boring.
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                              I think this is great! If the pressure becomes a bit much, add reinforcements.
                              A good forger attempts to deceive the naked human eye.
                              It's part of the challenge in the game he plays.

                              Deceiving science when it is done thru guidelines and in expert hands is however, practically impossible!"