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  • The community Fords on.

    There was a lot of stress placed on Forrest Family. You have the daughters
    trying to care for their elderly parents. It is what a real family did.
    This treasure hunt was a bumpy road for a few years and the last year
    probably the worst. The hunt could not be more important than helping
    and caring for elderly parents. Forrest story was Gold and More. He said he
    liked this. Forrest I know we are never going to find your treasure but my
    kids got some wonderful memories. Thank You.
    It probably was the More and not the chest. Something you should realize when
    you stand there. What is under your feet. The answers he already knew.
    Form his T.S. Elliot stanza thing. It was about someone that he knew the history
    of and he could relate to it.
    Try Trying to solve it. Meek and Hayden wrote a book together. type of things you
    should be trying to figure. My first solve was Seven mile bridge. Madison HOB.
    you know the locals searched every bit of it. I couldn't make it at Slow creek.
    Slough creek. The meek people would travel miles to cross a river only at a shallow.
    But you can go right to it with confidence remember.. Everyone gets the More.
    It is under your feet. And you are knowing the place for the first time.
    What were those hats the Cavalry gave to the first Rangers. Maybe learn everything
    you can about history of Yellowstone. If you are telling people your secret then what is secret.
    The family has no conspiracy other than trying to care for their elderly parents..
    To Forrest it was probably Gold and More.
    Did he need to retrieve it. 2017 the sheriff in Colorado had a call to Forrest he made public.
    Any real answers I don't have any idea. I didn't like the picture of the chest that was put out.
    Once a picture came out it could never be taken back. It's over I know that.
    After your exploration it is under your feet go back and know the place for the first time.
    Was it just written by a fly fisherman or for one. I did buy a backpack and boots and made
    plans twice. I didn't know what to tell myself coming back with no chest. It was an
    adventure of a life time is what I thought I would tell myself. I decided I would retire in
    a few years and take the time to explore and just swing in there when I was there.
    Case of rum Case of rum. What did Kelly Bundy say. Ha Ha. I got to pee . There's a covey
    over there. OK.. Nobody wants to go there now AL.. It is probably not about a covey.
    It is MORE than that........ IMO only...
    Mark T.