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Cryptic Poem - Meachum Cache

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  • Cryptic Poem - Meachum Cache

    Begin it where one wanderer ended
    And take it in the canyon up
    Once you’ve had your fill – more will lay ahead
    For far—very far—you will walk
    There’ll be no paddle up your creek to water high
    Instead, take a glimpse while slicing by
    At one point, bones of explorers blaze the path
    Then, ancient monoliths squeeze you in
    Further, leave other’s wrecked attempts behind
    The hardest saved for last

    Don’t abandon now, your observation point awaits;
    Once conquered, the world lay at your feet
    A prime spot to tarry amply with marvel gaze
    Before finding the first one after 1951
    From there, just 25 small paces toward a vast beach of White
    That small rock outcropping you seek
    Once your feet are firmly planted, look quickly down
    This quest to cease!

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    Yo what 'sup Lion. Thanks for posting canyon up! Bones, passing by wrecks, and a beach. Sounds kind of fun. Where did this come from Walking Among Lions?


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      Hmm..."wrecked attempts"