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A solve, try this one out - Part 2

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    The ball of string has already been unraveled folks... we've been in uncharted territory for some time now. Pay attention. There may be a playbook, but given so much uncertainty "rules" may be broken as this thing gets carved out. Are you ready partner?


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      Originally posted by Moody Chameleon View Post

      I agree with the ball of string hint. I took mine string from place to place, rabbit hole to rabbit hole. Then an Ah-ha moment suddenly struck me!! Yes!! I had the spot!! I was finally done chasing rabbits!!!

      I then thought about Forrest's quote about looking at the big picture. So I zoomed out my map on Google Earth and could not believe what I saw.....

      Click image for larger version

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      That's why it was a GIANT ball of string.
      Congrats, you found another bob tail like with the Sabertooth Tiger, Bobcat, Bear, and Manx Cat (from the Isle of Mann, where only there is the name Edard found.
      Bob, as in bobwire, and Forrest's friend he once wrote about, Bob "Bobcat" Goldthwait.
      Or, as in Bobcat Ridge, a key part of my solve on the string to the Big Horn Medicine Wheel.


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        That's Quite a Tell to Tail.
        Whoops, I mean . . .
        QUIET! That's Telltale.


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          Oh, just in case anyone plans on going to this lot, doesn't sound like it though...
          One, the road is closed when the bears come down to hunt elk calves in Willow Flats. I think it's usually around late April and early May, but I can't remember right now.
          Also, the water runoff from winter snows creates a creek that may not allow you in. There could be ice on the hill coming up from that creek too.

          The last time I went, in September or August, a griz chased out some hunters and me with them.
          Don't go alone.
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            Originally posted by RFISH

            Seriously, I don’t actually discount any place in any solve as long as you can get there from here———-

            I chose the Yellowstone for the simple reason- no dams on the Yellowstone River
            As long as it leads to Marvin's Gardens I don't care where you start.


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              I've added some stuff in the 2nd post in this thread.
              I'll be back later to add much more to it.


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                I updated the second post.
                I'll be back tomorrow to finish that post. There's a lot of stuff involved.