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    It’s the wind that broke me, that made me realize my location could not be where an 80 year old man hid the chest. First, the 2 track road was way to rutted for an average SUV to travel. I gave up driving and after coming back the next day with a rented bicycle, I cycled the last mile and a half to the creek. But the walk down to the creek was much steeper than it appeared on GE and Forrest would have had a tough time going down and up twice.

    The creek was idyllic and magical. The closer I got the louder the roar of the moving water became. It was the only sound in the air other than my breathing. I’m a flatlander whose been to the Rockies 3 times but I could never have imagined such a serene and beautiful and, at the same time, intimidating place. You know... lions and tigers and bears, oh my! And ankle sprains and snakes and a thousand other possible dangers. I searched for a while and ate lunch and drank water and started back up the hill to where I hid the bicycle in some shrubs. Thank goodness for GPS as I never would have found that bike again.

    But the ride(mostly walk) back to my SUV was into a sometimes gale force wind that it made it difficult to walk sometimes, let alone pedal a mountain bike. I had already deduced that my location was highly unlikely to be the SPOT but the wind broke me down. It was a 100% certainty that I was wrong.

    Have you ever searched Google Earth knowing that now you had it figured out, and then later went to your location and said Oops!?! What was your Oops? Terrain, high water, inaccessibility, a newly built 7-Eleven right where you thought Indulgence was? - Fennway