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Mondays Forrest Fenn Panels!

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  • Mondays Forrest Fenn Panels!

    special guests:
    Fenndy Jones
    Billy Shaw Jr
    Greg: Treasure Seekers: Brutal Truth

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    I like the open panel discussions, really get's the ideas flowing. Gave it a thumbs up and looking forward to the next one.


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      I have a serious question. At the end of last night's (this) panel, Greg mentioned the story of the Sheep Mtn rescue. All I could ask myself was: did he actually hear from a Ranger this story, or from the guy named "Finn" himself(yes, Finn with an i). Apparently, the WY High Country Lodge people even called my GF and I "legends around here" for living on the snow pack 6 weeks straight. I told this exact story somewhere, I think it was my solve appearance on Finding Fenn pt. 1 (guy named Casey interviewed me) but I may have told this on Greg's show some 3-4 months ago.
      Last night, he framed it as if he'd been hearing this story from the ranger there. Now, this Finn guy was a spitting image of Forrest's wayward grandson (if FF had a blonde, beer-drinking thrill-seeker who gets stuck in the mountains alone). Anyway, dude lived in Lovell. I think he started heavy into the Chase right after me telling him the story while we dug him out.