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    Originally posted by Zapster View Post
    If you haven't already, read what happened with Masquerade and its golden hare almost 40 years ago. The parallels are, sadly, remarkable, which just shows that human nature is sometimes rather predictable.
    Yes, Forrest mentioned 7 percenters and the evil one so I'm sure he was aware of others intentions, good or bad. Although it still must have, sadly, affected him.


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      Originally posted by Leaf Blazeikson View Post

      I'm not understanding how FF wanted to trick the LS but also wanted to protect him.
      Evil genius I guess.


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        Originally posted by NadiyaM View Post

        then all is well and good in fantasy land....but ONLY if the forensics prove the "finders pics" and Jacks, Forrest and the treasure spread out all over the table are fake.....I actually doubt that will be the find....but if the chest and Jack/Forrest/table of treasure pics turn out to be somewhat altered but real.....then you have no chest to look for.....
        Perhaps you have that covered and expect to find some sort of proxy though??..))
        What if the photos are all real but the meeting was staged?


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          Originally posted by Walking Among Lions View Post

          What if the photos are all real but the meeting was staged?
          that would mean that we have been lied to all along.......but then how would you know they had been staged? .....if you think that now then you already feel the find was a fraud.