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  • Sheep Creek Solve

    WWWH is Madison Junction. The teacher can be seen on Google Earth holding her hand up to say 'halt'

    The canyon is the Madison.

    HoB is West Yellowstone. Brown paint is made from moss which comes from fens. HoB=Home of Fenn.

    NPftM is the Hebgen earthquake area. The biddies frame the lake on either side. Biddies are chicken, chickens are meek.

    The end drawing nigh (on the left) is Coffin Mountain.

    Heavy Loads is Madison Slide. Water High is Earthquake Lake.

    You are up Sheep Creek without a paddle.

    If you are wise you see an owl on the hillside 2 miles up the trail.

    The blaze is a cleft in the hillside in the eastern wing of the owl.

    Tarry Scant with Marvel Gaze is a position on the left arm of the cleft where you can see a white rock and sunset both. Ask me why.

    From that position and only that position you can see the intended treasure location, which was a shelf of stone otherwise invisible from left, right, above and below. It is a perfect blind spot.

    But you can't take any chest or go in peace because Forrest doesn't play fair.

    All best.

    PS-- the second solve is in Los Alamos, the third in Ouray, the fourth in Temple, the fifth in Connecticut, the sixth in Maine, and you'll need to find the treasure chest in a Felix the Cat cartoon. Honk!

    Click image for larger version

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    PPS-- find Tarry Scant and you'll find the Rosetta Stone.
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    And zero responses. Unbelievable.


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      Threads in this game get no responses for one of two reasons:
      1. You've got the real solve and are saying too much...
      2. What you are saying doesn't interest anyone enough to invoke responses. Pouting doesnt help. There, you got a response.


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        Pout pout pout sulk pout harumph humbug grouch


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          And I'm the Grynch.