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  • What we want to hear!

    Just got done watching a documentary on Donald Trump and a couple of comments stood out in my mind that struck me very much like Forrest philosophy in business.

    Donald Trump made money even when times were bad “he told investors what they wanted to hear”.

    Donald Trump knew how to manipulate the media and he knew that image or perceived image was more important than what he was actually selling.

    You could easily draw parallels with these two statements to describe the ending of the chase. Forrest knows how to manipulate the media and he’s telling us all what we want to hear, which could be a far cry from fact.

    secondly, Forrest also stated in his court deposition that he was an artist. What happens to an artist value after they pass? The value of their work increases exponentially. Is Forrest telling us what we want to hear to drive up the value of his name to increase the return of his estate? If he is, it’s working. I’ll bet you his estate will be worth far more when he passes the vale.

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    Forrest is NOT "manipulating" the media. He's just taking them on a pleasant little stroll around the yard with the leash pulled nice and tight.


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      Whatever . . . (yawwwwwnnnnn) . . . if people want to pay more for a painting because the artist is dead, that's all well and good. I wouldn't play that game even if I could afford to. It's too phony, compared to something functionally useful like manufacturing a vehicle, for example. And even then, vehicles are marketed using more psychology than plain old value based on function.

      Right now, I have a closed jar containing various gases that came out of an orifice of the body of Charlie Daniels while he was alive. (What's that, you say? He hasn't been dead long enough for the gases to be valuable?) Okay, let's say George Washington. He had a similar orifice. How much will you bid?

      That kind of stuff is too much like the shell game to me. No, thanks.