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Not that anyone's lying, but I'm going to prove Wyoming wrong

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    Originally posted by 5-leaf Blaze View Post
    FROG, you gonna keep skipping over that "under a canopy of stars" being the Dinosaur mantra, as written years ago in their camping section?
    You gonna skip over that Forrest said that and then changed it to WY? Great, FIND ME that exact 5-word phrase in Wyoming.
    I don't think that Forrest's mention of "canopy of stars" was intended as a hint referencing Dinosaur National Monument. Instead, he may have been thinking of Big Sky, Montana. But I honestly tink that
    he was teasing about the hidey spot, a small thing. And the important word was not "stars" (in my opinion).


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      Originally posted by RahRah View Post

      Whoa . . . are you trying to second-guess what someone else meant? It's all ho hum to me, but all this key-pounding gives me some exercise.


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        Originally posted by GoldenFrog View Post

        You claimed forever you were the lead searcher. Now admit you were wrong. If you can't, you are no man... Either that or you are sick. Which one is it?
        Forever is a long time. Longer even than this thread, even though that may be nigh impossible to beLEAVE.


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          Originally posted by RahRah View Post

          Okay. Now we know. I suspected this for a long time, but don't want to argue with y'all about it.


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            Originally posted by GoldenFrog View Post

            Good job grammar cop...
            Just another game to emphasize one's persona. Like aberrations. Buy the weigh, it's not about grammar. It's about spelling.
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              Originally posted by Old Pilot View Post

              Just another game to emphasize one's persona. Like aberrations. Buy the weigh, it's not about grammar. It's about spelling.
              Congratulations captain obvious....


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                Originally posted by 5-leaf Blaze View Post
                It's called page 4 and it's a monster. PREPARE! Am I crazy? Maybe trust me on this, vee haf vays of knowing...
                It's not.. Wyoming is right. the poem blazed the path.. Map page and poem overlaid the location and if you knew what to use in the poem as another map it then revealed the location, that location was the Lamar Buffalo Ranch up on the hill. Last time out I came home to kidney failure and had to have surgery and again alomost to the day I was back at the hospital with a life and death medical issue related to my kidneys again.. Ironic.

                I published my solve several times because I knew I wouldn't be making the trip again... My kidneys, I need cataract surgery and I broke a bone in my foot a couple of years ago (metatarsil?) and it never had a chance to heal properly and formed a bone cyst around the break and I need surgery to fix it, I doubt I can get it all fixed so I was out of the running then why not tell all. Finder is scart cause it was in YNP.. maybe in time he will come out and confirm the location but My buddy and I were within a few hundred yard of the location it was a next on the list out of about five spots we picked out in two sections of land and was the most likely.. there is an old road that runs up behind the ranch that goes to the ranger firing range there and then if you stick to the creek bottoms and surrounding bank the trek isnt so bad.. there is an illustration the one from my war for me with the plane dropping the bombs, that's a drawing of the surrounds and Forrest marked the location on the map.. the peak in that drawing is Druids Peak. that ranch and surrounding property sits on one of the most Archeologically rich sites I have ever seen and is littered with lithics and burials, you cant take a step without tripping over an artifact. Osbourne Russel spent time at that location as well as his brother Samuel before it was a buffalo ranch and his brother homesteaded that place.. anyway time will tell.

                The poem and its solution deserves to be revealed as it is an epic piece of Americana and western lore and art.. people wont believe how complex but simultaneously simple it was in design.


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                  Wyoming as the findy spot fell today due to "under a canopy of stars." What a canopy of worms that was. If folks want to believe Forrest was just joking or something about Dinosaur, well then I think he must be joking about Wyoming. And I proved Wyoming wrong, as said.
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                    Originally posted by OH!!
                    The picture on page 44 is for page 45 where for the first time, Forrest types Wyoming in the book. (which is also the first state noted in the book) People may think coincidence that you see the 44th page and the 44th state at the same time, but it's not. He who teaches a child labors with God in his workshop. Here he states that his dad went 50 miles out of his way to see this sign. 50 miles out of his way is the subtle hint here, because this sign is at a school in Greeley, Colorado which is exactly 50 miles from the Wyoming border. Everything is INSIDE the poem.......... The book just confirms it.

                    It is also 109 words from the first word "chevy" to Wyoming. (Red)
                    From the word "Wyoming" to the last word chevy it is 109 words. (Underlined)
                    This match tells you coordinates. He has copycats EXACTLY like this throughout the book.

                    My dad had the summers off, being in the school business,
                    so that meant for three months I didn't have to worry
                    about taking a test or having to please Miss Ford. Father
                    would load our '36 Chevy up to the top and we'd take off for
                    Yellowstone. I absolutely loved that place and along the rivers I
                    could find the best agate rocks for making marbles. I was thinking
                    about all of those things and even more.
                    You may not be old enough to know that a war was going on then
                    and that everything was rationed: tires, gas and lots of other stuff So
                    we drove 35 miles an hour for 1,600 miles with no air conditioning
                    or radio. Even so, my father always drove about 50 miles out of our
                    way, down a little dirt road to a one-room school house in Wyoming
                    just to show me what was written over the door. "He Who Teaches a
                    Child Labors with God in His Workshop." He was so proud about that.
                    Then my father sold our '36 Chevy and got a '41 Plymouth
                    instead. I couldn't understand how he could do that to such a
                    faithful car that had been a member of the family like the rest of us.
                    How would you like to be replaced by a newer model? I felt very
                    insecure for a long time after that. If he'd get rid of that car maybe
                    he could get rid of me too. If I could find that Chevy I'd buy

                    CHEVY HAS THE SYNONYM OF PURSUIT, OR CHASE..........
                    Heck of an outlay. What Forrest did was a diversion. He caused a focal point on West Yellowstone, which caused it, the lakes and every road in and out to be searched intensely. The real solve on the poem puts to rest all other diversions/distractions. The solve becomes itself and takes you to the Yampa River.


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                      Originally posted by 5-leaf Blaze View Post

                      LOLOSER argumentative loser. You failed. I can't help you.
                      No personal attacks.
                      “Positivity triumphs over negativity” - famous quote by the famous Cowlazars 2018