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    He is also claiming to possess the chest.
    In a comment he says, "I'll post pics when I can," meaning when the legal stuff is done with I assume.


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      Originally posted by Anon Anon View Post

      Saw it on YouTube.
      Ok, so it is total bs !


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        Originally posted by Sherif Billy View Post
        I note that he states that he is the "solver" (not the finder) of the Fenn treasure poem. I guess that if he were the "finder" he would have shown us something from the chest for confirmation.......

        In my opinion,
        the finder has the treasure but lacks the solution.

        The solver has the solution but lacks the treasure.

        Many signs are converging towards this being highly probable. The greatest roadblock that needs to be overcomed here leans towards this:

        -the finder is highly motivated by wealth and greed. He's an evil genius that went down the low road and is hiding behind a complex web of deceit. Lacking empathy, he cannot see any benefit in reaching out to the solver that will ultimately benefit the community and himself spiritually because he is deeply submerged in the murky waters of karmic debt and is now nearly blind.

        I'm sure intuitive minds will infer the solver's traits in time.



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          It's also highly likely that the solver knows who the retriever is at this point. I mean, he solves complex problems.... it's interesting that this guy went out of his way to call himself the solver on youtube. Given the finders methods, one can conclude this guy might be a decoy associated with the finder to divert attention from the real solver.


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            Get a grip, Tornado.
            Your line of thinking is overly influenced by that [now deleted] website.


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              Originally posted by Lets_Chat_About_That View Post
              Get a grip, Tornado.
              Your line of thinking is overly influenced by that [now deleted] website.
              Not sure what you are talking about. What website?


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                The website that was claiming to have found Fenn's chest in 2019, and sold it to a wealthy buyer in May. It was widely discussed on this site and others...
                It planted into people's minds that there might be multiple entities involved in the finding of the chest: a selfish finder/seller who cared only about money, a wealthy buyer, and a lead searcher who had missed finding it by a hair. Some people thought maybe that's the reason Fenn has seemed abnormally quiet and less than happy with the outcome, and never publicly congratulated the finder.
                I suppose it's possible... (((shrug)))
                Fenn's legal statement does not hint at any such complexities though. In his narration of events, things happened in a pretty straightforward way.